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School of International Letters and Cultures, ASU

The French Language Program in the School of International Letters and Cultures at Arizona State University will host the 2012 Women in French Conference on February 24-25, 2012. The conference theme, "Crossing Boundaries, French and Francophone Women in Literature and Science, Culture and the Arts," is intended to showcase the influence, representation, presence and achievement of French and Francophone women from the Middle Ages through the 21st Century.

The WIF conference will be held on the 2nd floor of the Arizona State University Memorial Union (MU). Please see the campus map for the location of the MU.

NEW: Conference Information handout here

[Download 11"x17" conference poster]

Due to the outstanding response to our earlier calls for panels and papers, the conference will feature 35 panels and one round table discussion. See the complete list of panels here. Panel sessions will have 3-4 speakers and last 90 minutes; this includes time for questions. Three to four sessions will run concurrently in the MU. The program schedule shows time limits and MU room numbers for each of the 35 panels.

Martine Reid headshot

Our keynote speaker will be Martine Reid, Professor of French at the Université de Lille 3. She is the author of books and articles on French Literature of the nineteenth century and has edited texts by Stendhal, Balzac, Sand and Daudet. In her most recent book, Des femmes en littérature (Belin, 2010), Reid re-writes French literary history from the eighteenth-century onwards through the study of a dozen women authors who, until recently, had been neglected or ostracized. Read the abstract of her presentation here.


2012 Women in French Conference Committee:

  Mariana Bahtchevanova Senior French Lecturer marianab@asu.edu
  Frederic Canovas Associate Professor of French fcanovas@asu.edu
  Markus Cruse Assistant Professor of French markus.cruse@asu.edu
  Sylvain Gallais Clinical Professor of French and Economics sylvain.gallais@asu.edu
  Aleksandra Gruzinska Assistant Professor of French gruzinska@asu.edu
  Isabelle Mullet Assistant Professor of French isabelle.mullet@asu.edu
  Helene Ossipov Associate Professor of French helene.ossipov@asu.edu
  Lesley Poteet French Lecturer lesley.poteet@asu.edu

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  David Parks Assistant Director, Learning Support Services dave.parks@asu.edu
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