In this unit you will have the opportunity to:

  • learn about artists and designers who communicate concepts of time, change, and motion through various forms of visual expression.
  • research historical, scientific, and cultural ideas about time, change, and motion.
  • reflect on your own personal and cultural understanding of time and generate art ideas from that reflection.
  • explore at least one hands-on technique on time, change, and motion in depth and apply it to a project of your own design.


1. Introduction
2. Rhythm
3. Visual Narratives
4. Time Symbolized
5. Graphic Conventions
6. Photo Techniques
7. Sequential Images
8. Time-based Media
9. Tests of Time
10. Resources

This Unit features a series of Sections on time, change, and motion in art and visual culture. Each Section explores a particular theme or set of technical approaches to Time and includes key inquiry questions and links to studio projects relevant to each Section.

Under the Resources link you will find useful Web sites, a bibliography, and a series of Interactive Modules that provide real-time feedback on technical, historical, and design issues useful in investigating Time in Art. The Resource link will also take you to the full collection of art projects from the artCORE curriculum exploring Time, an image bank of relevant art historical material (e.g, Madison Digital Information Database), and a quiz to test your command of the material.