2D UNIT IX: Time, Change, and Motion

Project IXA

 Self Metamorphosis


  • To gain experience with sequential imagery to convey time, change, or motion.
  • To develop visual images and symbols focusing on personal identity.
Project Overview Create a "self-portrait in time" comprised of a sequence of images.

Project References

Vocabulary time, still image, time frame, sequential images, metamorphosis
Materials open

1. Before coming to class, review the theme of Identity as found on the website. Read the Time, Change, and Motion Unit IX overview.

2. Make a list of adjectives that describes you. Make another list that describes either someone you aspire to be--or conversely, someone you would hope never to become.

3. Create a series of thumbnail sketches that shows you being transformed from your current self into your potential future self.

3. Consider what media would best serve your idea. Will you use multiple photographs? Drawings? Original paintings? Video? Computer images?

4. Create a work comprised of a sequence of a minimum of three images that illustrates your "self metamorphosis."

Critique Ideas


Consider the following:

1. Describe the techniques for creating time, change, and motion that you used and explain how various effects were achieved.

2. Point out any symbols you used to indicate a particular meaning.

3. Discuss ideas the artwork seems to communicate. After some sharing of interpretations, attempt to state the message of the project in one sentence. (This artwork is about. . .)

4. Explain how the shapes, symbols, or other elements of the composition support its message.

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