2D UNIT IX: Time, Change, and Motion

Project# IXC


Moving Images (computer-based project)




flat bed scanner, computer, Photoshop software, GIF animation software (GIF Builder), laser printer (optional)



1. Muybridge, Eadweard, Locomotion Studies

2. Frame Rate study

3. Haring, Keith: Flip Book



chronophotography, still image, animation, frame rate, frame sequence, frame delay, looping, GIF, GIF animation,



1. Using a flat bed scanner, create a series (at least 12) of digital stills from Eadweard Muybridge's book, "Locomotion".

2. Save the individual images as "gifs". (See the Computer TIPS page)

3. Import your sequence of images into the software "GIF Builder" or other .gif animation software package.

4. Experiment with "frame delay", "looping" and other features until you have a looping animation that you like.

5. Upload your animation to the class web site. (See the Comptuer TIPS page)



Complete the Critique (item #d) assignment and submit as an e-mail message to your instructor. Answer the questions twice--once for the artist from whom you appropriated the images; once for your own final interpretation.


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