special collections

The Special Collections Department houses both the Libraries' general collection of rare books and manuscripts and numerous special-interest collections centered around particular persons or topics of interest to scholars. By assembling an array of primary source materials and by conserving these materials under controlled conditions, Special Collections contributes to the growing reputation of the Libraries and the University as top-ranked teaching and research organizations. See their website at: http://www.asu.edu/lib/speccoll/

We have depended in particular on the Special Collection's edition of Josef Albers' "Interaction of Color" as a supplemental resource for our Color class in the Studio Core at ASU. This is a huge folio of original serigraphs illustrating all of the principles covered in Albers' book by the same name. Color classes generally do a field trip to the collection to supplement the research done online and in our Color textbook. This edition--a particularly fine example--was donated to ASU by Clair Booth Luce (1903 - 1987), a former member of the house of representatives, ambassador to Italy, and editor of Vogue, playwright, among other things. The slides we have on file--both in the Visual Art Resource Collection and in the Studio Core slide collection--were shot directly from the originals in the Special Collection.


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