3D Project 2: Unit Title

Project Title of the Project

Studio Fundamental: ...to gain experience with...(studio foundation objective)

Concept: to introduce..(thematic concept objective)

Project Overview Your challenge is to plan and execute a compostion that illustrates...
References for further study

--web sites: 1) give them specific, relevant sites , 2) our core site, 3) tell them to do searches with some of the vocab as keywords


--current shows


techniques: e.g., grids, proportion wheel, scaling by percentages, mapping

concepts: e.g., size, scale, proportion, ratio, orthogonal

culture/science references: e.g., tatami mat, mercator projection, mollweide projection

Materials Textured or colored paper, adhesive, xerox machine, 15 x 20 illustration board or whatever is needed to do the project.
Process The procedure for the assignment, step by step.
Critique Ideas

Here are sample questions to use in a critique.

1. Can you describe this work using at least 3 vocabulary words from this unit?

2. What is the initial "feeling" or emotional response you get when first viewing this work?

3. Can you get a sense of the artist pesonality from the work?

4. What element in this image was the most successful that should be carried to the next project?

5. What element in this image is the least successful that needs more attention?

6. Does this sculpture work from all sides or does it have a definitive front and back?

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