Elliot Eisner on Assessment: ". . . The standard paradigm holds that goals and objectives must be clear and that once clear, means can be designed to attain those goals. Once means are implemented, evaluation procedures can be used to determine if the goals and objectives have been reached. The problem with this model is that this is not the way life works; and it's certainly not the way work in the arts proceeds."


1. "assessment" versus "evaluation"

2. instruments for assessing student performance


--critical inquiry process

--evaluation (testing and quizzes)

--Erickson, M., Klein, J., & Mike Wirtz, M. (2007) "Objective-driven Evaluation."

3. resources for improving and assessing teacher performance

--Eble, K. (1994) Craft of Teaching: A Guide to Mastering the Professor's Art

4. resources for evaluating GTA training programs

--Eison, J.,(2006) "Enhancing GTA Training in Academic Departments: Some Self-Assessment Guidelines."

5. resources for assessing course design or artCORE performance in general.

--Mello, R. (2007), "Connecting Assessment, Aesthetics and Meaning-Making in a
General Education University Theatre Course."