This site is being developed by Professor Dan Collins, Faculty Coordinator, with the assistance of the Research and Teaching Assistants of the Studio Core Program.

Special thanks is extended to Angie Buckley, Shay Cameron, and Janis Henderson for helping to develop the site.

Angie Buckley worked tirelessly on soliciting materials from TAs and working to refine the project formats and glossary.

The first version of the artCore database was developed by Shay Cameron with financial assistance from the College of Fine Art "Faculty Development Fund."

Janis Henderson spent long hours on the glossary, collecting syllabi, and adding key resource pages to the site.

This project is based on earlier iterations of the Studio Core Program. Dana Fritz, Suzanne Yazzie, Taylor Harnisch, and Liz Birkholtz all played significant roles in helping to refine the curriculum in its early stages.