2D UNIT III: Unity

Project IIID  Group Unity Principles

To develop a list of Unity principles.

To gain experience working collaboratively.

Project Overview Working as a member of a 3 - 5 person group, your challenge is to develop a working list of principles for creating a sense of "Unity" on the 2D picture plane.

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Before coming to class, review the thematic concept of Collaboration as found on the website. Also read the discussion on Unity from Unit III.


1. As a member of a small "Design Team" (3 - 5 persons), brainstorm the principles of "unity". Do this without returning the website. Arrive at a group definition of "unity." (The terms need not correspond to any previous definitions you have researched.)

2. Make a list of the different ways of achieving "unity." You may use your notes or any other source. The point is to discuss your views with all members of the group and arrive at a consensus. You should come up with 5 - 7 principles.

3. Do a number of quick thumb-nail sketches illustrating each unity principle. Label each sketch. Remember, the point is to quickly establish a compositional idea using greatly simplified or abstracted lines and shapes. Don't get bogged down with rendering representational images at this point.

4. Once everyone in your design team has completed their lists and sketches, your group will be asked to create a "composition" in front of class using one of the principles of unity. You may use materials provided, or any other materials in the class at your disposal (don't limit yourself to "art supplies.") The only requirement is that the rest of the class be able to identify which concept is being illustrated. This is a chance to go crazy!

5. List the members of your design team on a separate sheet of paper. Put you name at the top of the list. Include the members of your team, your list of unity principles, your thumbnail sketches, and the ideas your group generated for the "group unity illustration" in front of the class.

Critique Ideas


Consider the following

1. Describe the various unity principles your fellow artists used and explain how unity was achieved.

The class is responsible for determining whether each Design Team successfully communicates the Unity Principle in their group composition.

Items for the personal notebook should include:

--the members of your team

--your list of unity principles,

--your thumbnail sketches,

--the ideas your group generated for the "group unity illustration" in front of the class.

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