IDM Unit II: Digital Imagery

Project IIj Image Contest

Studio Fundamental: to demonstrate competence with Photoshop and image manipulation

Concept: To utilize internet communities for inspiration and self-evaluation on image quality and creativity.

Project Overview Your challenge is to manipulate an image in photoshop to create a new situation or interpretation of the image.
References for further study

-- Look through this site to see what sort of images people are using, and how they are manipulated. It is also home to some good tutorials.
-- An excellent tutorial site for achieving more effects.


Gamma, levels, curves, pixels, RGB, JPG, PNG, PSD, hue, saturation, brightness, contrast, resolution, histogram, posterization, lasso, selection, crop, clone stamp tool, transform tool, DPI

Materials Internet access, and a copy of Photoshop on a computing machine.
Process 1. Download the image specified by the instructor from a Photoshop contest site. Everyone will be using the same image each in a unique way.

2. Look at other contributions to see what has already been done with the image, and brainstorm to think of other ways you might use the image. Take note of the contest's parameters.

3. Using the skills and tools we have learned in Photoshop, use the source image to create a new, high-quality image that attempts to be as creative a reinterpretation as possible.

4. Save at least 3 copies of the image: a high-resolution 300dpi JPG for printing, a 72 dpi image for on-screen viewing, and a final PSD file for your records. You will be handing in the two JPGs.

5. You will receive extra credit if you then upload your image to the contest site, and participate with the internet community.

Critique Ideas

Here are sample questions to use in a critique.

1. Does your image have more to it than the basic requirements for the contests? Is it somehow more clever, or involves additional layers of meaning?

2. What is the initial "feeling" or emotional response you get when first viewing this work?

3. Can you get a sense of the artist pesonality from the work?

4. What element in this image was the most successful that should be carried to the next project?

5. What element in this image is the least successful that needs more attention?

6. Does this sculpture work from all sides or does it have a definitive front and back?

Photoshop Contest Exemplary Solid Passing Poor Failing
Technical: Did you composite two or more images? Did you avoid artifacts from bad image compression? Have you eliminated errant pixels, mismatching shadows, jagged edges, or other examples of poor digital craftsmanship? How seamlessly have you altered the image (how believable is it?) 30 24 18 12 6
Aesthetic: Is the final image compositionally balanced? Are the colors well-chosen? Where is the eye's gaze drawn? Are your manipulations noticeable, and if they are, in a good or bad way? If someone saw a thumbnail of your image, do you think they'd be drawn to click and look? 20 16 12 8 4
Conceptual: Does your image have more to it than the basic requirements for the contests? Is it somehow more clever, or involves additional layers of meaning? Is the image surprising? Funny? Disturbing? Sweet? What is its emotional effect? Are you using the source material in an innovative way? 25 20 15 10 5

Total points possible: 75

developed by Arius Elvikis copyright 2007

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