IDM Unit V: Video

Project VD Group Video

Studio Fundamental: To gain working knowledge of digital video recorders and video editing software. Students will reinforce learned audio techniques.

Concept: To gain experience working as part of a collaborative group.

Project Overview

Option A) Find a video contest with a deadline after the project due date (April 16, 2008). Follow both class and contest guidelines in creation of a video catering to the contest. Length is determined by contest.

Option B) Create a work of 'video art' as represented by pieces on editor's picks on or other famed artists like Matthew Barney, Bruce Nauman, and others. Length must be at least a minute.

References for further study

--8 Ways to Shoot Video Like a Pro
--How to Shoot
--Guidelines for Shooting Quality Videos
--BBC Good Shooting Guide
http://www.bbctraining.com /onlineCourse.asp?tID=5914&cat=2781


Wide Shot, Medium Shot, close-up, pan, zoom, B-roll, logging, post-production, production, time code, sequence, transitions (cuts, dissolves, wipes, etc)

Materials digital camcorder, firewire transfer cable, a few mini-DV tapes, video editing software, props and costumes, external hard drive.

1. Organize into groups of 2-4 people. Brainstorm interests and possibilities for a video. Agree on a concept.

2. Create a script or storyboard outlining your video. Scout shooting locations.

3. Shoot footage with camcorder and tripod. Allow 5 seconds between start of shooting and action, then another 5 seconds after action is complete. Take shots from multiple angles and distances, to allow yourself a variety of material to insert into video. Film actions and sequences 3-5 times to ensure the ideal shot... getting back out to re-film is a real pain.

4. Create a video log and participation log, and begin transferring video into computer via program like Premiere. Pay close attention to where resource materials are saved, and that the scratch disk is set to a safe place.

5. Assemble video clips, adding audio and corrections, title, and credits. Names need only one mention. Generally no single shot should last more than 20 seconds, the editing from clip to clip should be constant.

6. Export to both mini-DV tape as well as an NTSC-quality video file, which can be burned to DVD, as well as any other format required.

7. Hand in video as well as participation log.

Critique Ideas

Here are sample questions to use in a critique.

1.How well does your video fulfill the contest requirements? Alternately, how engaging is it as a fine art work or documentation?

2. What is the initial "feeling" or emotional response you get when first viewing this work?

3. Can you get a sense of the artist pesonality from the work?

4. What element in this image was the most successful that should be carried to the next project?

5. What element in this image is the least successful that needs more attention?

6. Does this sculpture work from all sides or does it have a definitive front and back?

Photoshop Contest Exemplary Solid Passing Poor Failing
Technical: Was the video shot correctly (correct exposure, white balance, clear focus, etc)? Is the video sufficiently long, without being too long? Is the sound clear? Is it correctly exported? Is everyone accredited and is everything spelled correctly? 40 32 24 16 8
Aesthetic: Is your video compelling to watch? Do you utilize good proportions in your frame positions? Is the pace of your video well thought out? Is there an 'intensity' curve to your storyline (beginning, middle, climax, resolution)? Do the scene cuts have good pacing? Are your objects/actors well-crafted and interesting? Does it evoke an emotion? 60 48 36 24 12
Conceptual: How well does your video communicate your intent? Is it in line with the chosen contest's goal? Does it say something important in a visual arts context? Does your video make sense? Can the audience follow what is happening? If there's no narrative, is there an interesting progression or atmosphere created? What does the audience learn or discover over the course of the video? 25 20 15 10 5

Total points possible: 120

developed by Arius Elvikis copyright 2007

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