IDM Unit IV: Sound

Project IVe Recreating Sound

Studio Fundamental: To gain experience with audio recording and editing.

Concept: To introduce the deconstruction and interpretation of other audio works

Project Overview Your challenge is to choose a music or other audio clip to recreate in class using only your voice and non-instrument noisemakers.
References for further study

-- An excellent free audio program
-- the place to go for Audacity answers
-- Perfect example of a four-track voice-only audio track


tracks, decibels, tone, pitch, levels, transitions, fade, noise, hiss, pop, WAV, MP3, MIDI

Materials microphone,headphones, audio editing software such as Audacity, your voice, objects to make noise with that are not instruments, sample of song or audio clip you are recreating

1. Select a song or audio clip (from a game, movie, radio show). Listen to it carefully, and pay attention to the layers of sound. What instruments do you hear? How many layers can you count?

2. Using a microphone, record yourself and your objects, attempting to mimic the individual components of the song. Watch your levels, make sure your sounds are loud enough but not too loud.

3. In your editing software, assemble individual recordings into at least four layers of sound.

4. When finished, EXPORT AS A WAV OR MP3. Do not merely save as the proprietary filetype (such as .AUP)

Recreating Sound Rubric suggestion Exemplary Solid Passing Poor Failing
TECHNICAL: Did you record at least four separate tracks? Do any of the tracks contain samples or musical instruments (not allowed)? Is the composition at least 30 seconds long? Is the mix saved as a WAV file? Was each track recorded properly? Is there any hissing (too soft of input), or clipping (too loud of an input)? Does the composition sound balanced (appropriate disbursement of bass, mids, and treble)? 25 20 15 10 5
AESTHETIC: Would someone want to listen to this? Does it engage the listener, or cause emotion? Are the sounds coherent, are they all over the place, is there a connection/flow? Is there a certain 'style' to it? 10 8 6 4 2
CONCEPT: Were you faithful to the source? Or did you criticize or re-interpret it? Do the sounds you use somehow tie into what the source material is about? 15 12 9 6 3

Total Points: 50

developed by Arius Elvikis copyright 2007

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