Selected Writings of Dan Collins

"Social Networking for Learning Communities," FATE Journal, 2007

"Tracking Chimeras: The Eighth Day of Eduardo Kac," Institute for Studies in the Arts, Arizona State University, March 2003.

"Extreme 3D," Computer Graphics World, May 2002

"Breeding the Evolutionary: Interactive Emergence in Art and Education," paper given at the 4th Annual Digital Arts Symposium: Neural Net{work}, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ April 11 12, 2002

"Educating for Interaction," New Art Examiner, 2001

"Towards Internal and External Horizons," CREATE, Institute for Studies in the Art, Fall/Winter Issue, 2000

"Digital Somatics," New Art Examiner, 1998

"The Challenge of Digital Sculpture," paper given at the 6th Biennial Symposium on Art and Technology, Connecticut College, February 27 - March 2, 1997.

"Searching for Virtue in a Virtual Landscape," New Art Examiner, 1994

"The Deep Creek School: Technology, Ecology, and the Body as Pedagogical Alternatives in Art Education," 1994

"Framing the Electronic Image," The Simulated Presence (anthology), Institute for Studies in the Arts, February 1993.

"Anamorphosis and the Eccentric Observer," Leonardo, 1992

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