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>Complete Backlist/ Short Stories

>>Fragile Night

ISBN: 0-927534-71-1 
160 pp. | paper only | $14.00

Stella Pope Duarte

The stories in Fragile Night explore the hearts and minds of women and men facing once-in-a-lifetime decisions and struggling against weakness, fear, and anger. In "What La Llorona Knew" a mother shares with her daughter a tragic secret that brings them closer together. In "The Remedy" two quarrelsome sisters drive their parents to distraction until the local curandera prescribes a remedy guaranteed to instill compassion in the most argumentative soul. The stories move between humor, lyricism, and tragedy as the characters emerge frm their trials strong and unafraid to face the challenges and risks of life. z

Stella Pope Duarte was born and raised in South Phoenix in the Sonorita barrio. The compact world of the barrio offered her a daily pageant of characters that filled her imagination, and she began to tell stories about them before she even entered school. She has taught courses in education and counseling at the University of Phoenix and Arizona State University and is currently a counselor at Carl Hayden High School in Phoenix.