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>Complete Backlist/ Poetry

>>the iceworker sings and other poems

ISBN: 0-927534-86-X
86 pp. | paper only | $10.00

by Andrés Montoya

Montoya's poetry seeks to understand a world of machines and violence, to confront, cry out against, and weep for a modern world that has abandoned the aesthetic of hope. His poems are stories, prayers, and letters that foster a spiritual resolve in the midst of a chaotic and concrete reality that denies the holy. Primarily urban and intensely personal, these poems are nonetheless universal in dealing with issues of the day: race, faith, urban decay, poverty, police brutality, and the individual search for hope in the midst of despair.

the iceworker sings and other poems won the 1997 UC Irvine Chicano/Latino Literary Prize and the before Columbus 2000 American Book Award.

The late Andrés Montoya lived in Fresno, California. He worked as a field hand, ditch digger, canner, ice plant worker, and writing teacher.