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>Complete Backlist/ Clásicos Chicanos/ Chicano Classics

>> Rain of Scorpions and Other Stories

 ISBN: 0-927534-29-0 
184 pp. | paper | $16.00

 ISBN: 0-927534-28-2
184 pp. | cloth | $26.00 


Estela Portillo Trambley

Clásicos Chicanos/ Chicano Classics #9

In this updated and expanded collection of interrelated stories, Portillo Trambley dares again to create a new vision for Chicanas. Through bold acts they gain freedom, like Clotilde in "The Paris Gown," who descends naked to greet the guests at her betrothal party and so escapes her impending arranged marriage. In a hostile world such women find hope and the strength to begin healing themselves and their community.

"Portillo Trambley weaves the fabric of joy and sorrow, life and death from the richly hued strands of her characters' lives. . . . A welcome addition to the growing volume of Latino literature in the U.S." - Booklist