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>>Renaming Ecstasy: Latino Writings on the Sacred

  ISBN: 1-931010-15-3 
152 pp. | paper | $15.00

an anthology of poetry edited by Orlando Ricardo Menes

Renaming Ecstasy brings together poets who have explored experiences of the sacred in ways that are unique to the Latin American culture and highlights the richness and complexity of Latino spiritual life. Because of Latin America’s mestizaje of cultures, traditional Catholicism exists alongside other practices of African or indigenous origin. In their invocation of the divine, poets of Caribbean origin draw inspiration from the myths and practices of Santería. Others write devotionally about topics that engage Latino Catholics: the matter of religious vocation and those devotional practices that connect individuals to the community and give shape to their daily lives. The collection features poetry by Benjamín Alire Sáenz,Víctor Hernández Cruz, Demetria Martínez, Orlando Ricardo Menes, and Virgil Suárez, among others.

Orlando Ricardo Menes
holds a Ph.D. in creative writing from the University of Notre Dame where he currently teaches English and creative writing. Menes has published two books of poetry and is a translator of Latin American poets.