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STA policies are now found in USI.

The Student Affairs Policies and Procedures Manual (STA) and the Student Enrollment Services Policies and Procedures Manual (SES) have merged. As of November 1, 2006, the material previously found in these manuals is housed in the University Student Initiatives Policies and Procedures Manual (USI). The links provided below take readers to the corresponding USI policies.

Table of Contents

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000Introductory Material
100General Policies
200Career Services
300Counseling Centers
400Disability Resources
500Memorial Union—Tempe Campus
600Student Life
700Residential Life
800TRiO Programs
900Campus Health Service
1000Student Activities and Organizations
1100Student Media
1200Academic/Learning Support Services
1300Campus Recreation
000 Introductory Material - Back to Top
002Table of Exhibits
100 General Policies - Back to Top
104–01Student Code of Conduct and Student Disciplinary Procedures
104–02Handling Disruptive, Threatening, or Violent Individuals on Campus
104–03Hazing Prevention
104–04Protocol for Response to Student Victims of Sexual and Relationship Violence
104–05Involuntary Withdrawal from the University in Special Circumstances
105Death of a Student
106–01Immunization Requirements
106–02Human Immunodeficiency Virus Infection
106–03Alcohol and Other Drugs on Campus
106–04Insurance Requirements for International Students
200 Career Services - Back to Top
202General Policies
202–02Career Services Eligibility
202–04Employment Opportunity Listings
202–06Eligibility for Registering and On-Campus Recruiting
300 Counseling Centers - Back to Top
301General Services
301–01Clinical Services
301–02Psychiatric Services
301–03Career Testing Services
301–04Outreach Programs and Consultation
301–05Eating Disorders Program
302General Policies
302–03Mental Health Emergencies
302–05Eligibility for Services
302–06Use of Insurance (Third-Party Payment) for Clinical Services
302–07Counseling Fee Reduction and Appeals
302–08Counseling Fees
302–09Student Confidentiality
302–10Informed Consent
400 Disability Resources - Back to Top
402General Policies
402–01Disability Resource Center—General Policy
402–03Eligibility for Accommodations—Required Disability Documentation
402–04Priority Registration for Students with Disabilities
402–05TRiO Student Support Services for Select Students with Disabilities—Tempe Campus
402–06Testing Accommodations for Students with Disabilities
402–07Accommodations in Campus Computer Labs for Students with Disabilities
402–08Alternative Format Services
402–09Interpreter Services for Students Who are Deaf/Hard-of-Hearing
402–11Note-Taking Accommodations for Qualified Students with Disabilities
402–12On-Campus Transportation for Individuals with Disabilities—Tempe Campus
402–15Adaptive Equipment Checkout for Eligible Students with Disabilities
402–18Laboratory Accommodations for Students with Disabilities
402–19Variance from Degree Requirements—Course Equivalency Alternatives for Students with Disabilities
402–20Full-Time Enrollment Equivalency for Students with Disabilities
402–21Student Grievance Process
500 Memorial Union—Tempe Campus - Back to Top
502The Memorial Union Building
502–01General Building Rules
502–02Reserving and Using Memorial Union Facilities
502–03Food Services
502–06Petitioning, Distributing, and Posting Literature In and Near the Memorial Union
502–07Lost and Found Items
502–11Vending Machine Refunds
502–12Montgomery Instructional Computer Lab
502–13Sparky’s Den Recreation Center
503Services and Activities
503–01Scheduling Outdoor Campus Activities Areas
503–02Sales and Solicitation (on Campus)
600 Student Life - Back to Top
601Student Life—General
601–02(Policy renumbered to STA 104-05) Involuntary Withdrawal from the University in Special Circumstances
602Danforth Chapel
602–01Danforth Chapel Use
602–02Campus Interfaith Council—Faculty Associate Card
700 Residential Life - Back to Top
703Student Housing
703–02Entering Student Rooms
703–06Sales of Items in Residence Halls
703–07Residence Hall Canvassing
703–09Use of Residence Hall Facilities by Outside Agencies for Programming Events
703–10Use of Residence Hall Outdoor Common Areas for Programming
703–11Posters and Advertisements from Outside Agencies
707–02Summer Conference Housing
707–04Guest Housing
800 TRiO Programs - Back to Top
803Educational Opportunity Center
804Upward Bound
804–03Eligible Upward Bound Program Participants
805Veterans Upward Bound
805–02Eligible Veterans Upward Bound Program Participants
900 Campus Health Service - Back to Top
902Campus Health Service—General
902–02Eligibility for Campus Health Service Care
902–04Campus Health Service Fees
902–08Employee Work-Related Injuries
902–13Student-Athlete Medical Care
1000 Student Activities and Organizations - Back to Top
1001Greek Life
1001–01Fraternities and Sororities—Relationship with the University
1002Student Organization Resource Center
1002–01Student Organization Registration
1100 Student Media - Back to Top
1102General Policies
1102–02State Press Letters to the Editor Policy
1200 Academic/Learning Support Services - Back to Top
1201–01Tutoring Fees—Tempe Campus
1201–02Academic Mentoring Fees—Downtown Phoenix Campus
1300 Campus Recreation - Back to Top
1303Student Recreation Complex
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