Student Services Manual (SSM)

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Effective: 1/5/1971

Revised: 7/1/2018

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SSM 801–05: Lost and Found Items

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To define responsibility for lost, found, or damaged items in Student Unions and Centers buildings and lost or found items on campus.

Note—In all 801 policies, Student Unions and Centers buildings include: the Memorial Union (Tempe); the Student Pavilion (Tempe); the Polytechnic Student Union (Polytechnic); SACS West (West); and the Student Center at the Post Office (Downtown).

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Arizona Revised Statutes § 12–941 to –946
University policy

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Student Unions and Centers buildings are not responsible for lost, found, or damaged articles belonging to individuals and/or organizations using the building or for lost or found items on campus.

Items found on campus will be kept at the Student Unions and Centers Information Desk of the respective campus. To claim an item, individuals must present current photo ID and a physical description of the item.

It is the claimant’s responsibility to make all arrangements for the return of a lost item including the cost of shipping and handling. Items not claimed within 60 days will be donated to a charitable organization or disposed of in accordance with Arizona Revised Statutes § 12–941 to –946.

Note: Some departments/buildings may keep lost and found items from their respective areas for a short amount of time before it is turned in to the MU Information Desk. One should also check with the department/building where the item(s) may have been lost.

The following items are kept for 60 days:

  1. backpacks
  2. bags such as purses, camera bags, and duffel bags
  3. binders, folders, and notebooks
  4. books such as textbooks and course readers
  5. cell phones
  6. clothing such as jackets, pants, shirts, skirts, and sweaters
  7. electronics such as calculators, headphones, computer cords, and handheld radio/music players
  8. eyeglasses including prescription and reading
  9. flash drives
  10. hats
  11. identification cards and credit cards
  12. jewelry such as bracelets, earrings, necklaces, rings, and watches
  13. keys
  14. sunglasses
  15. wallets


  16. any other items of value or importance.
Note: Due to limited storage, miscellaneous documents and photographs are disposed of.

For sanitary reasons, the following items are not accepted into the Lost and Found:

  1. all undergarments and clothing of a personal nature
  2. all personal hygiene items such as hair clips, hair brushes, make-up, lotions, and hair products
  3. all footwear and items such as shoes, sandals, socks, and high heels
  4. all contact lenses, contact lens solutions, and ear plugs
  5. all towels or cloths of personal use
  6. all edible items and items that contain food or liquids such as lunch boxes, bottles, and mugs
  7. all chemical and medical items such as cleaning solutions and prescription drugs


  8. any other items that area deemed unsanitary.

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