Student Services Manual (SSM)

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Effective: 1/5/1971

Revised: 7/1/2014

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SSM 801–02: Reserving and Using Memorial Union Facilities

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To specify the guidelines for the reservation and use of Memorial Union facilities

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Memorial Union

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Memorial Union (MU) facilities are available to the following groups:

  1. officially registered student organizations (Category I)
  2. university departments and colleges (Category II)
  3. university-sponsored groups (Category I and II)


  4. groups other than those listed above, if the requested dates are not in conflict with the university calendar (Category III).

For a schedule of facility charges and room-use guidelines, visit the Memorial Union Web site.

Room charges apply to categories I and II whenever there is a registration fee, conference fee, admission charge, donation requested, or when 50 percent or more of the attendees are not affiliated with ASU, another higher education institution, or a P-12 educational institution-sponsored visit. Room charges and audiovisual charges are applied to category III under all conditions.

Event and Meeting Services

Event and Meeting Room Reservation Requests

To receive the best service and selection of space available, the client must request rooms with as much advance notice as possible. Room reservation contracts must be signed and returned to the MU Event and Meeting Services Office before an event may be confirmed. Event and Meeting Services reserves the right to change, cancel, or move an event to another room when necessary.

Requests for rooms may be submitted by:

  1. visiting or calling the Event and Meeting Services Office (MU 182, 480/965–3406)
  2. sending a fax (480/965–5834)
  3. submitting a Room Request Form to the Event and Meeting Services Office


  4. e-mailing your request to an events coordinator or

Memorial Union Meeting Room Policies

  1. Academic departments may book space two years in advance; off-campus clients (limited to times of academic breaks or within 60 days), one year in advance; and student organizations, upon registering with the Student Organization Support Office, for the following academic year. Reservations for regularly scheduled for-credit courses will not be accepted.
  2. Off-campus groups that are affiliated with an on-campus department or student organization may utilize the MU when school is in session by obtaining co-sponsorship. By co-sponsoring the event, the department or organization assumes responsibility for any financial obligations from the event. A letter is required from the department head or organization president and advisor stating how the event furthers the mission of the organization and/or Arizona State University. At least one member of the department or organization must be in attendance at the event.
  3. Third-party clients not co-sponsored by an ASU entity will be required to supply a certificate of insurance and endorsement with the coverage amounts specified by the ASU insurance department. Third-party clients conducting a luncheon or dinner catered by the MU’s contracted in-house caterer may be excluded from this requirement.

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For information on rules governing the general use of the MU, see SSM 801–01, “General Building Rules.”

For information on reserving and using MU facilities for meals, see SSM 801–03, “Food Services.”

For information about security services, see the Police Department Policies and Procedures Manual—PDP 202–01, “Management of Special Events.”

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