Student Services Manual (SSM)

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Effective: 6/1/1985

Revised: 7/1/2012

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SSM 701–11: Assistive Technology and Equipment Checkout for Eligible Students with Disabilities

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To facilitate equal access in classrooms, lecture halls, laboratories, and other university programs and activities by providing appropriate assistive technology and equipment for qualified students with disabilities

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The Rehabilitation Act of 1973, 29 United States Code §§ 701–796
Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) (1990, 2008), 42 United States Code § 12101 et seq.
Disability Resource Center

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Qualified DRC students may be eligible to check out assistive technology from the Disability Resource Center (DRC). The assigned DRC professional will verify eligibility and authorize checkout.

Assistive technology available for checkout is provided on a first-come, first-served basis. Before receiving equipment, students must sign an equipment loan form.

The length of checkout varies according to the type of assistive technology, student need, and equipment demand. The equipment loan agreement specifies a return date. Failure to meet the return deadline may result in a complaint being filed with Student Rights and Responsibilities. An administrative hold will be placed on the student’s account until the borrowed equipment is returned. If the equipment is not in the same condition as when it was checked out or it is not returned, and the loss, theft, or damage is determined to be as a result of the student not taking reasonable measures to care for the equipment, the student’s account will be charged for the replacement cost of that equipment.

Students checking out equipment are responsible for battery replacement in battery-operated equipment and the care and security of equipment during the term of the loan. Lost, stolen, or damaged equipment must be reported to the DRC professional responsible for equipment checkout immediately. Police reports must be filed for stolen equipment.

Note: Equipment must be returned in the same condition in which it was received upon checkout OR replaced as set forth in policy.

See the DRC Web site for detailed information and procedures for accessing services and accommodations available for qualified students at specific ASU campuses and sites.

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For related information, see SSM 701–02, “Eligibility for Accommodations—Required Disability Documentation.”

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