Student Services Manual (SSM)

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Effective: 3/1/2000

Revised: 7/1/2016

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SSM 602–07: Informed Consent

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To describe the circumstances under which ASU Counseling Services must secure informed consent from ASU students to assist them in understanding limits to confidentiality of services received at ASU Counseling Services and to facilitate coordination of care with other providers

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Arizona Revised Statutes §§ 32–2061; 36–501
University policy

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The informed consent process is designed to provide students with timely and understandable information regarding confidentiality and its limits, the nature of counseling services, rights of mental health clients, and methods for appealing unsatisfactory services. It is ethically and legally important that potential clients be aware of specific information before choosing to use mental health services. By providing Informed Consent and relevant information, ASU gives students opportunities to make informed decisions about their participation in the services provided. If a student chooses not to sign the Informed Consent form or if they refuse to provide verbal consent when receiving tele-services, the staff member providing service will inform the student about alternative on- and off-campus mental health services and will assist the student with accessing such services. No further services will be provided.

Services not Requiring Informed Consent

ASU Counseling Services provides a variety of psycho-educational and consultation services to the ASU community that do not require informed consent. The following services do not require use of the Informed Consent form:

  1. provision of information about psychological services to campus audiences
  2. provision of information about alternative on- and off-campus mental health and social services
  3. consultation contact with individuals who are not clients
  4. incident debriefing or other follow-up services provided for campus groups
  5. consultation with ASU faculty and staff
  6. outreach or educational programming
  7. and

  8. professional presentations.

See the ASU Counseling Services website for detailed information on services provided.

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