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Effective: 11/1/2006


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SSM 307–01: Off-Campus Hourly Student Employment Program—Employer Eligibility

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To define the criteria for off-campus hourly employers to participate in the university’s Web-based student employment program

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Financial Aid and Scholarship Services/Student Employment

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Off-campus employers may use the university’s Student Employment Web site “free of charge” to advertise their part-time job listings provided the employer:

  1. abides by ASU student employment policies and procedures
  2. does not serve in the capacity of a third-party employer or an employment agency
  3. does not require students to invest, purchase supplies, or pay a fee as a condition of employment


  4. supplies the Student Employment office with the name and ASU ID number of any ASU student hired after each 30-day posting period.

The ASU Student Employment office reserves the right to refuse to post any job that appears to be illegal, inappropriate in nature, or against the student’s best interest, or if the employer fails to meet any of the conditions described above.

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Student Employment reviews job listings on the ASU Web site for completeness, contents, and requirements before releasing them to students.

After the 30-day posting period, Student Employment contacts the employer for the name and ASU ID number of every student hired.

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