Student Services Manual (SSM)

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Effective: 5/16/1986

Revised: 4/1/2014

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SSM 305–02: Changes to Student Wage Level

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To allow for the reassignment of student compensation levels to existing student positions

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Financial Aid and Scholarship Services

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Reviews of student employment positions for changes to compensation levels may be initiated by:

  1. the hiring unit


  2. Student Employment.

Changes in student compensation levels are subject to the final approval of Student Employment.

Note: A demotion resulting in a pay decrease is considered a new job assignment and requires a job posting.

Changes Initiated by the Hiring Unit

A hiring unit may request a review of an existing student employment position if the duties and responsibilities of the position have materially and permanently changed.

Hiring units must:

  1. submit a Personnel Transaction Request (PTR)


  2. receive approval from the unit’s hiring authority to request that Student Employment conduct a change of level review via PTR.

Changes Initiated by Student Employment

Student Employment may initiate a review of an existing student position to:

  1. determine the proper classification and/or student compensation level of the position


  2. gather information for possible changes to the Student Employment Compensation System.

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For definitions of student employment levels, see SSM 305–01, “On-Campus Student Employee Compensation.”

For information on student employee status, see SSM 305–08, “Student Employment Status.”

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