Student Services Manual (SSM)

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Effective: 5/16/1986

Revised: 7/1/2016

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SSM 305–02: Changes to Student Wage Level

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To allow for the reassignment of student compensation levels to existing student positions

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Financial Aid and Scholarship Services

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Reviews of student employment positions for changes to compensation levels may be initiated by:

  1. the hiring unit


  2. Student Employment.

Changes in student compensation levels are subject to the final approval of Student Employment.

Note: A demotion resulting in a pay decrease is considered a new job assignment and requires a job posting.

Changes Initiated by the Hiring Unit

A hiring unit may request a wage level increase for an existing student employment position if the duties and responsibilities of the position have materially and permanently changed. This means there have been added responsibilities and it is not a different role.

Hiring units must:

  1. Submit a Personnel Transaction Request (PTR) and include the justification for the change in duties and/or responsibilities


  2. Receive approval from the unit’s hiring authority to request that Student Employment conduct a change of level review via PTR.

Changes Initiated by Student Employment

Student Employment may initiate a review of an existing student position to:

  1. determine the proper classification and/or student compensation level of the position


  2. gather information for possible changes to the Student Employment Compensation System.

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For definitions of student employment levels, see SSM 305–01, “On-Campus Student Employee Compensation.”

For information on student employee status, see SSM 305–08, “Student Employment Status.”

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