Student Services Manual (SSM)

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Effective: 1/8/1981

Revised: 4/1/2014

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SSM 305–01: On-Campus Student Employee Compensation

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To define the practice governing on-campus student employee compensation

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Financial Aid and Scholarship Services

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Student Employment administers and monitors the student employee classification and compensation plan and policies. The office follows student compensation policies for the regulation of wage increases, hiring rates, wage changes, and position classifications.

Individual hiring units determine pay rates for specific student employee positions within the parameters outlined below in the Student Wage Scale.

Student Employment assists hiring units with pay-rate questions and job-level determinations.

In general, the hourly student wage for individual student employees is determined by the individual hiring unit within the level based on the following:

  1. the hourly wage paid to other student employees who perform similar tasks for the unit


  2. the skills that the student employee brings to the position.

Students may be hired at a rate up to the maximum of each student wage level. Initial pay rates are determined by the hiring unit’s administrative official based on the student’s expertise within the position and the hiring unit’s ability to pay. Additional pay adjustments within each wage level may be given only according to the evaluation guidelines established by each hiring unit.

The current student wage scale reflects four wage levels based on job requirements, type of supervision, and required experience.

Student Wage Scale

Student Worker I ($7.90 to $8.45)

Duties are of a routine and simple nature. The worker requires direct supervision with relatively specific instructions. The position requires little or no training or experience.

Student Worker II ($8.05 to $9.45)

Duties are varied and less routine and involve a moderate degree of responsibility and judgment. The worker may lead or coordinate activities of other student employees. The position requires previous knowledge or skill and/or equivalent experience or training.

Student Worker III ($8.70 to $11.45)

Duties are technical or complex and involve a high degree of responsibility and judgment. The worker may supervise or direct activities of other student employees. The position requires a significant amount of specialized training or experience.

Student Worker IV ($10.20 to $50.00)

Duties are highly technical and/or complex and involve a significant degree of responsibility and judgment. This classification is limited to those positions requiring highly specialized skills and/or technical knowledge.

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The student wage scale covers all student positions except Research/Teaching Assistants. Those positions are administered by Graduate Education with appropriate policies and procedures.

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For information on hiring procedures, see:

  1. SSM 304–01, “Student Employment Program”


  2. SSM 304–05, “Student Job Vacancy.”

For information on changes in student employment levels, see SSM 305–02, “Changes to Student Wage Level.”

For information on student employee status, see SSM 305–08, “Student Employment Status.”

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