Student Services Manual (SSM)

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Effective: 1/8/1980

Revised: 4/1/2014

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SSM 304–05: Student Job Vacancy

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To establish job posting requirements that ensure equal opportunity and nondiscrimination for all interested students

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Financial Aid and Scholarship Services

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Public posting of student job vacancies is required by the university’s policy on nondiscrimination and equal employment opportunity. All student jobs are posted on the Student Employment Web site. All jobs must be posted:

  1. for a minimum of two working days


  2. until the employer has three candidates to interview for the posted position.

Conditional offer requirements must be met before any commitment to hire is made. The purpose of posting requirements is to ensure fair, equal, and nondiscriminatory employment opportunity for all interested students.

Posting may be waived in a rehire situation only if the student is continuing in the same job from fall to spring, spring to summer, spring to fall, or summer to fall.

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For information on nondiscrimination in employment practices, see SSM 304–03, “Nondiscrimination—Equal Employment Opportunity.”

For more information on hiring procedures, see:

  1. SSM 304–01, “Student Employment Program”


  2. SSM 304–02, “Continuing Student Employment.”

For information on eligibility for student employment, see:

  1. SSM 304–07, “Student Employment Eligibility Criteria”


  2. SSM 304–08, “Employment of Nonimmigrant International Students.”

For information about specific types of student employment, see:

  1. SSM 305–01, “On-Campus Student Employee Compensation”


  2. SSM 306–01, “Federal Work-Study Employment Program.”

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