Student Services Manual (SSM)

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Effective: 2/1/1987

Revised: 8/23/2007

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SSM 303–03: Institutional Recruitment Scholarship Deferment Guidelines

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To clarify the circumstances under which a student may defer an institutional recruitment scholarship

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Financial Aid and Scholarship Services

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Students awarded specific institutional recruitment scholarships must begin study at ASU in the fall semester following high school graduation. Consecutive enrollment in fall and spring semesters is required for renewal of the scholarship. Institutional recruitment scholarships may be awarded for a maximum of eight semesters.

A student may apply to defer the scholarship, under certain circumstances, after attending at least one semester at ASU. The student must be meeting the criteria of the scholarship and be in good university standing. A committee in Financial Aid and Scholarship Services reviews each deferment application.

This policy applies to the following institutional recruitment scholarship programs: President’s Scholarship, Provost’s Scholarship, University Scholarship, National Merit Finalist Scholarship*, National Merit Semi-Finalist Scholarship, National Achievement Finalist Scholarship, National Hispanic Finalist Scholarship, Academic Decathlon Scholarship (First-Place Team Member or Top Score), Sun Devil Scholarship, Dean’s Scholarship, Regents High Honors Endorsement (AIMS), Flinn Finalist Scholarship**, Leadership Scholarship, and Maricopa Alliance Scholarship.

* National Merit Finalist Scholars must contact the National Merit Corporation and request a leave of absence in addition to ASU’s deferment process.
** This policy does not apply to Flinn scholarships awarded by the Flinn Foundation.

The following stipulations apply to all deferments:

  1. students must attend at least one semester at ASU before they are eligible to be considered for a deferment
    Note: This attendance cannot occur prior to the term for which the scholarship is offered.
  2. students must be meeting the criteria of the scholarship and be in good university standing prior to leave
  3. students must return to ASU in the semester immediately following the completion of the approved deferment
  4. students may not receive more than one deferment, which may not exceed two academic years except for religious missions
  5. Note: Religious missions may extend to two-and-one-half years.
  6. any changes to the deferment as it was originally approved may result in loss of that deferment if changes are not approved by the ASU Scholarship Office


  7. students may not attend another educational institution during the deferment period (participation in an ASU-sponsored study abroad program does not require a scholarship deferment as the scholarships noted in this policy may be used for ASU-sponsored study abroad programs).

Deferment Requests

Institutional recruitment scholarships may be deferred for:

  1. ASU-sponsored cooperative education programs or ASU-sponsored internship programs
  2. religious missions
  3. involuntary U.S. military service (in the event of a crisis or when the draft is in effect)


  4. other requests (i.e., medical leave and special learning experiences), which are by special review.

Examples of unacceptable deferment requests are:

  1. voluntary nonenrollment
  2. transfer to another college or university


  3. leave of absence longer than two academic years, except for religious missions.

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Students must complete a deferment application describing the circumstance of the deferment request. Scholarship deferment applications are available on the Online Financial Aid Forms Web site and must be submitted to and approved by the ASU Scholarship Office prior to the leave of absence.

When the end of the deferment approaches, students must submit a letter to the ASU Scholarship Office stating their intention to return to ASU and request for reinstatement of the scholarship. The letter should include name, ASU ID number, and semester returning.

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