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SSM 203–02 Table

The student:

  1. obtains an Academic Record Change for Prior Semester form from the dean’s office in the college offering the class
  2. completes the student portion of the form


  3. submits the form to the class instructor.

The instructor completes the instructor portion of the form, approves or disapproves the request, and submits the form to the chair of the department offering the class. The department chair approves or disapproves the request and submits the form to the standards committee of the college.

The college standards committee approves or disapproves the request. The standards committee chair completes the standards committee’s portion of the form. If not approved, the student is notified. If approved, the form is forwarded to University Registrar Services.

University Registrar Services determines if the academic record change may require a monetary adjustment to the student’s account. If the student’s account needs adjustment, the Student Accounts and Cashiering Office is notified.

University Registrar Services processes the form after the Student Accounts and Cashiering Office adjusts the account.

The student may verify that the academic record change was processed by viewing it on the unofficial transcript available on the My ASU Web site.

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