Student Services Manual (SSM)

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Effective: 1/31/1994

Revised: 11/1/2007

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SSM 201–02: Instructor-Initiated Drop of a Student for Nonattendance

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To allow an instructor to drop a student for nonattendance

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University Registrar Services
Tuition Payment Office

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Instructors may drop a student from a course if the student

  1. appears on the class grade roster


  2. does not attend the first week of fall or spring semester or the first two class meetings of each summer session.

It is recommended that the student contact the instructor before the end of the first week of classes if absences during that period cannot be avoided.

Instructor-initiated drops begin the second week of classes in fall and spring semesters and the first four class meetings during summer sessions.

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To request an instructor-initiated drop for nonattendance:

  1. The instructor sends a written request to the dean or dean’s designee.
  2. The written request, including the authorized signature for late drop, is delivered to University Registrar Services.
  3. The college notifies the student by mail.

The appropriate registration office processes the request upon its receipt with the authorized signature, and the record is maintained with processed Administrative Drop/Add forms.

Courses that are dropped do not appear on the student’s transcript and tuition paid is fully refunded, depending on the student’s remaining hours and any applicable fees.

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For further information on dropping courses, see SSM 201–05, “Registration and Drop/Add/Swap after the Published Deadline.”

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