Student Services Manual (SSM)

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Effective: 8/26/1989

Revised: 8/1/2021

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SSM 1601: Sun Devil Fitness & Wellness

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To define and identify individuals and groups who are eligible for Sun Devil Fitness membership and to define access requirements

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Sun Devil Fitness & Wellness

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The following individuals are eligible for membership at the Sun Devil Fitness facilities:

  1. any full-time or part-time student on any ASU campus who pays the appropriate associated fee
  2. current and retired ASU faculty and staff who pay the appropriate fee

    Note: Faculty and staff—50 percent FTE and above—who are also part-time students pay the faculty/staff rate, not the student fee, which is waived during registration. Benefits-eligible faculty and staff may enroll in payroll deduction for Sun Devil Fitness membership fees.

  3. conferee, seminar, or short-term students whose university sponsors make prior arrangements with the Sun Devil Fitness facility coordinator
  4. current ASU Alumni Association members who pay the appropriate fee for full-access or limited-access membership
  5. and

  6. any campus affiliate with the university who makes prior arrangements with the appropriate Sun Devil Fitness staff

Membership with Sun Devil Fitness & Wellness provides access to all Sun Devil Fitness Complex facilities (Tempe, Downtown, West, Polytechnic locations)

Eligibility is subject to compliance with applicable Sun Devil Fitness, university, and Board of Regents’ policies.

Sun Devil Fitness reserves the right to revoke a membership at any time.

Guests of Sun Devil Fitness Facility Members

Guests of Sun Devil Fitness facility members must pay the current guest fee and must be at least 16 years of age.

Children (younger than 16 years old) of Sun Devil Fitness facility members are permitted to use the facilities only during designated periods and programs, including Family Swim and summer camp. They are not eligible for memberships.

Sun Devil Fitness Facility Valid Photo ID Requirement

Sun Devil Fitness facility members must present a valid photo ID (ASU ID, valid driver’s license, or passport) to access all Sun Devil Fitness facilities. Sun Devil Fitness also requires participants to present their ID at the beginning of a game, event, or class to prove eligibility. Failure to present a valid photo ID at the time of the request makes the participant ineligible for the game, event, class, or entrance to the facilities until proper ID is presented.

Prohibitions for Members/ASU Students

Use of Sun Devil Fitness facilities is a privilege. Anyone violating rules or posted policies, including verbal and/or physical abuse of employee(s) or patron(s), criminal activity, disorderly conduct, or inappropriate behavior, is subject to:

  1. immediate removal from the Sun Devil Fitness facilities
  2. monetary charges
  3. suspension of membership
  4. administrative referral to the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities according to the Student Code of Conduct or other applicable policies


  5. criminal action.

Sun Devil Fitness reserves the right to terminate or suspend membership privileges to anyone violating posted policies or engaging in any disorderly conduct or inappropriate behavior, including verbal and/or physical abuse of Sun Devil Fitness employees.

Photography Policy

In order to respect the privacy of all Sun Devil Fitness facility members, still and video photography in the facility is prohibited without approval from the Sun Devil Fitness facility manager on duty, or from a member of the professional staff. Taking photos or video of individuals without their consent is prohibited and is cause for immediate removal from Sun Devil Fitness facilities and possible suspension of Sun Devil Fitness membership.

Photography approval may be granted for personal and/or academic non-commercial use provided consent has been granted by the individual(s) being photographed, including individuals that may appear in the background. The taking, capturing, or recording of any and all photography, audio, or video of any kind in the men’s and women’s locker rooms and restrooms is strictly prohibited.

If a facility manager suspects the use of inappropriate photography, that manager has a right to enforce standard removal policies.

Media Access

Members of the media are allowed in Sun Devil Fitness facilities with prior authorization from professional staff members. The media organization must contact the respective professional staff at the respective campus facility to obtain approval for media access. Media access is defined as media obtained for use by a media outlet. Proper usage includes published materials produced by the media outlet.

Commercial Access

Commercial access is only allowed as permitted by Arizona State University. The organization seeking commercial access should see the ASU Communication Guide for more information about obtaining permission to use ASU facilities for commercial use.

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Additional Information

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For additional information, see the Sun Devil Fitness Web site and the ASU Communication Guide Web site.

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