Student Services Manual (SSM)

Effective: 1/1/1971

Revised: 7/1/2018


SSM 1302–01: Student Organization Registration


To specify requirements for groups wishing to register as university clubs or organizations


University policy



To register as a university organization, an organization must:

  1. meet and follow membership and officer requirements
  2. follow registration procedures, including:

    1. submission of registration materials
    2. submission of advisor commitment letter
    3. submission of constitution/bylaws that outlines how the organization governs itself
    4. attendance at information session or meeting hosted by the university student organization staff.

  3. follow conduct rules specified in this policy


  4. have a full-time or part-time ASU faculty member, academic professional, or staff member as an advisor to assist the organization in developing a constructive program within university policy.

Eligible organizations are permitted to register and maintain registration during the registration year unless the university finds that the organization:

  1. seeks to accomplish its objectives, goals, purposes, or activities through the use of violence
  2. engages in activities that materially or substantially interfere with the discipline and normal activities of the university or with the rights of others
  3. seeks personal gain
  4. engages in activities that present a danger to property, personnel, and/or orderly function of the university


  5. refuses to comply with federal or state laws, including the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, the Student Code of Conduct, Arizona Board of Regents, or university rules and regulations.
Note: Registration of an organization does not constitute university endorsement or approval of the organization’s policies and activities. It does not guarantee the availability of funding. It does, however, signify a willingness on the part of the organization to comply with state law and the rules, regulations, and policies of the university and the Arizona Board of Regents.

In denying or revoking registration, the university considers among other factors:

  1. individual members’ past conduct
  2. the organization’s past conduct
  3. the organization’s stated objectives
  4. failure to meet financial obligations to the university


  5. failure to adhere to university policies, procedures, or requirements.

If registration is denied or revoked, the organization may appeal the decision unless the denial or revocation was initiated under the Student Code of Conduct.

Membership and Officer Requirements

  1. The organization must be created and controlled by currently enrolled students of ASU.
  2. A minimum of three currently enrolled ASU students is required to register a student organization.
  3. Membership in a registered student organization is limited to students enrolled for at least one semester hour of credit at ASU. Faculty, staff, alumni, and others may participate in the activities and programs of student organizations.
  4. All officers of a registered student organization must be currently enrolled in and successfully complete at least three credit hours during the semester(s) in which they are officers.
  5. All officers must be in good academic and conduct standing. A student on academic or disciplinary probation may not hold office but may continue as an organization member.
  6. At least one officer must either participate in a student organization information session or meet with an appropriate staff person following registration of the student organization.
  7. Membership and all privileges, including voting and officer positions, must be extended to all students without regard to age, ethnicity, gender, disability, color, national origin, race, religion, sexual orientation, or veteran status. Title IX of the Educational Amendments of 1972, §106.14, makes an exception for social fraternities and sororities in regard to gender for membership criteria. Religious student organizations will not be denied registration solely because they limit membership or leadership positions to students who share the same religious beliefs. These groups, however, may not discriminate in membership or leadership on any other prohibited basis (i.e., age, ethnicity, gender, disability, color, national origin, race, sexual orientation, or veteran status).


Registration as a student organization obligates the organization to comply with the university’s and Arizona Board of Regents’ policies, including the following:

  1. registered organizations and their members are subject to:

    1. all state and federal laws
    2. the rules and regulations adopted by the Arizona Board of Regents and the university, including the Student Code of Conduct


    3. the policies in the “Student Organization Handbook.”
  1. a registered organization may not represent or imply that it speaks for or in the name of the university


  2. a registered organization must follow ASU graphic standards guidelines as outlined in the ASU Communication Guide (ASU CommGuide).


  1. A registered organization and its officers may be held collectively and individually responsible for policy or Student Code of Conduct violations committed by:

    1. its own members


    2. those associated with the organization, if the organization, its officers, its leaders, or its spokespersons have given tacit or overt consent or encouragement to these violators.
  1. The university president may require officers, leaders, or spokespersons to take appropriate action to prevent policy or Student Code of Conduct violations by organization members or those who are associated with and may be acting for the organization.
  2. Sanctions for an organization’s misconduct may include:

    1. denial of use of university facilities for an indefinite time
    2. denial or revocation of registration


    3. other sanctions permitted by the Student Code of Conduct.

Under the Student Code of Conduct, sanctions may be appealed to the University Hearing Board as provided in the Student Disciplinary Procedures.

Failure to Register

Registration is an annual process and organizations must reregister each academic year. Failure to register by the designated deadline will result in:

  1. denial of university facilities use and other campus resources available to registered student organizations


  2. no description of the organization in the published campus materials, Web sites, etc.


For more information on the Student Code of Conduct, see SSM 104–01, “Student Code of Conduct and Student Disciplinary Procedures.”

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