Student Services Manual (SSM)

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Effective: 11/1/1983

Revised: 7/1/2016

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SSM 1201–01: Eligibility for ASU Health Services Care


To define ASU Health Services care eligibility


Arizona Board of Regents Policy Manual - 5–206
ASU Health Services (ASUHS)


Eligibility for ASU Health Services care is defined in the chart below.D

Category Eligibility/Type of Care
Anyone For stabilization of life-threatening emergencies until 911 response
Invited guests People who are participating in sponsored activities on campus who have urgent medical needs can be seen by ASU Health Services
Registered ASU, NAU, or UA students Students who are enrolled for at least one credit hour are eligible for services

Students also are eligible for services between semesters if they are enrolled in the next fall or spring semester
ASU employees For illness or injury, including initial evaluation and treatment

For primary care services, including preventive health care, illness care, health screening, routine health history, and physical examinations
Special program participants As arranged in advance with the director of ASU Health Services
ABOR Student Health insurance participants Year round. Graduating students or students who withdraw during the semester will be seen until termination of their university-sponsored student health insurance.

Proof of ASU Affiliation

All faculty, staff, and students must present ASU identification and proof of current ASU affiliation (employment or enrollment) to receive services. Verification is required each visit. If questions arise regarding eligibility, the patient services supervisor or a member of the ASUHS Management Team should be consulted.

  1. During semester breaks, continuing students must present proof of completion of the previous semester and proof of registration for the coming semester.
  2. New students must present proof of registration for the semester.

Service and Eligibility Limitations

Eligibility for services does not guarantee that service needs can be met. The director of ASUHS may determine that a service for an employee, student, or other eligible person cannot be met or may be limited for any of the following reasons:

  1. staff expertise
  2. facility license
  3. patient safety
  4. patient noncompliance
  5. Code of Conduct violation


  6. insufficient ASUHS expertise, equipment or financial resources.

Patients will be allowed 30 days to complete follow-up care that was underway while the patient was eligible.

ASUHS laboratory, digital imaging, and electrocardiography services are provided to employees and students seen by ASU health care providers, residents, and consultants (both on and off campus).

See the ASU Health Services website for additional information.


For additional information on care related to industrial injuries, see the Staff Personnel Policies and Procedures Manual— SPP 504–02, “Workers’ Compensation.”

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