Student Services Manual (SSM)

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Effective: 7/1/2006

Revised: 11/1/2006

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SSM 107–03: Student E-Mail

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To ensure that students receive timely official communications from faculty, staff, and other students at ASU that are beneficial in contributing to their success at the university

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Office of the Provost of the University
Academic Assembly
University Technology Office

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ASU e-mail is an official means of communication among ASU’s students, faculty, and staff. Students are expected to ensure that e-mail is accessed, read, and acted upon in a timely fashion. Students bear the responsibility of missed messages and should check their ASU-assigned e-mail on a regular basis.

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The ASU University Technology Office assigns an e-mail at the point of the student’s application for admission to ASU.

The student:

  1. either activates the ASU mailbox and begins using the assigned e-mail address or goes to the electronic post office and forwards e-mail to a preferred e-mail address (such as,, etc.)

    Note: Having e-mail redirected does not change the individual’s responsibility for reading and responding to official communications sent to the ASU e-mail address. Information and warnings about forwarding are available at The Mailbox on ASU’s Information Technology Web site.

  2. reads ASU e-mail policies at The Mailbox
  3. updates the forwarding order as needed


  4. retrieves e-mail messages regularly from the address and acts upon the messages appropriately.

If the student wishes to prevent the release of the e-mail address, in addition to other directory information, he or she should obtain, complete, and submit a Withhold Directory Information Request form, which is available online.

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To begin the process of creating an ASU e-mail address, see the ASURITE Activation & Service Management Web page.

For information regarding mailbox capacity, see The Mailbox.

For information regarding security and risks associated with e-mail, see the Computer Security Web page.

For information regarding SPAM filter service and mass e-mail messages, see The Mailbox Resources and Info Web page.

For information regarding access, see the E-Mail Access Policy on ASU’s Information Technology Web site.

For information regarding e-mail after leaving ASU, see Leaving ASU on ASU’s Information Technology Web site.

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For more information regarding the use of e-mail at ASU, see ACD 125, “ Computer, Internet, and Electronic Communications Information Management Policy.”

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