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SSM 1002–02 Table

The sponsoring agency or university guest requests guest housing from the University Housing Guest and Conference Housing Web site. The University Housing conference manager:

  1. evaluates space availability and responds to requests for guest housing
  2. informs the sponsoring agency and/or university guest of the housing location, cost, payment procedure, and other information, such as parking or dining


  3. informs University Housing staff of guest details, including but not limited to guest assignment and arrival and departure dates.

The sponsoring agency or university guest pays for guest housing before check-in. Payment may be made:

  1. directly by the guest (by check, money order, or traveler’s check for the exact amount) to University Housing


  2. by a Purchase Order (PO) provided by the sponsoring university agency before the guest checks in.
Note: Credit cards or cash are not accepted.

The conference manager or hall staff and/or designee prepares guest registration and checks the guest into the residence hall.

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