Student Services Manual (SSM)

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Effective: 7/1/2010

Revised: 3/1/2021

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SSM 1001–07: Missing Student Notification

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To provide guidelines in the event that a student residing in an ASU on–campus student housing facility is determined to be missing for 24 hours.

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United States, Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEA), 2008

University Housing

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Missing Student Report

If you have reason to believe that a student who lives in on–campus student housing has been missing from campus contact the ASU Police Department at 480/965–3456.

Anyone at ASU who receives a report of a missing student must immediately contact the ASU Police Department at 480/965–3456. If the ASU Police Department receives a report of a missing student from a campus not within its jurisdiction, it must immediately notify the appropriate law enforcement agency.

  • For ASU at Lake Havasu Colleges: Lake Havasu City Police Department at 928/855–1171.


University Housing, in consultation with ASU Police or other law enforcement agency, as appropriate, along with the Dean of Students or their designees, shall make the official determination that a student is missing. To determine that a student is not missing, ASU staff or law enforcement must contact the student. Third party reports that the student is not missing will not be accepted.

Missing Persons Notification

Each Arizona State University student residing in on–campus housing may register one or more individuals to be a contact strictly for missing persons purposes. This registration is done during housing application process.

A student's missing persons contact information will be maintained confidentially by University Housing and will only be accessed by authorized campus officials. Those officials may disclose the contact information only to law enforcement officials and only for the purpose of a missing student investigation.

If a student has registered a missing persons contact, ASU will notify the contact no later than 24 hours after it has been officially determined that the student is missing. For students under the age of 18 and not emancipated, ASU will notify the student's custodial parent or guardian, as well as any other registered missing persons contact, no later than 24 hours after a student is deemed missing.

Regardless of whether the student has registered a contact person, ASU will also notify the local law enforcement agency that has jurisdiction in the area within 24 hours after a student is deemed missing.

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Once ASU receives a missing student report, the following offices will be notified:

  1. ASU Police Department
  2. University Housing

  3. and

  4. Dean of Students’ office of the appropriate campus.
If a determination is made that a student has been missing for more than 24 hours the Dean of Students office will make the appropriate contacts, to include the law enforcement agency with jurisdiction.

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