Staff Personnel Manual (SPP)

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Effective: 7/1/1978

Revised: 4/5/2018

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SPP 801: Employee Conduct and Work Rules

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To establish conduct and work rules

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University policy

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All regular classified employees, university staff, non-faculty administrators, and all other employees

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Employees will adhere to the work rules of the university and the department. Inappropriate behavior as described by the regulations will result in disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment. Inappropriate behavior that may result in disciplinary action includes, but is not limited to, the items under the following headings.

Note: This policy does not modify the at-will employment status of university staff and non-faculty administrators. Either party may terminate the employment relationship at any time and for any reason except an unlawful one. This policy does not limit ASU’s ability to terminate the employment relationship.


Inappropriate behavior related to absence includes:

  1. absence without legitimate excuse and/or failure to follow departmental notification procedures
  2. chronic or repeated absenteeism, as defined by the department, resulting in failure to perform assigned duties or impairment of the operation of the work unit


  3. repeated tardiness, as defined by the department, without legitimate excuse and/or failure to follow departmental notification procedures.


Inappropriate appearance includes failure to maintain appropriate personal appearance or dress, including uniform or style of dress, according to departmental standards.


Inappropriate conduct includes:

  1. discourtesy toward others (e.g., failure to work harmoniously with fellow employees or serve the public with courtesy)
  2. gambling while on duty
  3. hindering or limiting normal operations or interfering with another employee’s work
  4. illegal conduct, conduct unbecoming to a university employee, or conduct damaging to the university’s public relations
  5. incompetency, neglect of duty, or unsatisfactory performance of assigned job duties
  6. insubordination (i.e., failure or refusal to comply with a supervisor’s instructions, unless the instructions are illegal or endangering)
  7. threatening or committing acts of intimidation or violence (see SPP 814, “Violence in the Workplace”)
  8. refusal to obey the normal or emergency instructions of law enforcement officials or other proper authorities
  9. smoking in unauthorized areas
  10. sleeping on duty
  11. unlawful or unauthorized use, carrying, or possession of firearms, explosives, or other potentially dangerous weapons on property owned or leased by the university except within the parameters of assigned work, e.g., the work of certified police officers of the ASU Police Department (ASU PD)
  12. falsification of time records or personnel records
  13. permitting or creating a personal obligation that would lead any person to expect official favors.


  14. dishonesty


Inappropriate behavior related to property includes:

  1. carelessness, inattention to duty, or purposeful acts resulting in injury to property or person(s)
  2. failure to maintain prescribed records
  3. concealing, falsifying, altering, misusing, or removing records, including electronic data records
  4. theft of property
  5. unauthorized use of university vehicles or failure to possess a valid and current driver’s license, if required as a job qualification and/or condition of employment
  6. direct or indirect use or misuse of university resources, including property leased to the university, for other than officially approved activities (including, but not limited to, employees, facilities, mail service, supplies, equipment, and university computing and communication resources, including computers, networks, electronic mail services, electronic information sources, voice mail, telephone services, and other communication resources)


  7. misappropriation of university property or the property of others.

Rules and Regulations

Inappropriate behavior in violation of rules and regulations includes:

  1. failure to follow prescribed rules and regulations, or violation of university policy and procedure
  2. discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation, and gender identity
  3. violation of safety rules or common safety practices
  4. taking an adverse personnel action against an employee in retaliation for disclosing alleged wrongful conduct to a public body
  5. falsification of résumé or application materials or omission of material factual information


  6. violation of the Board Procurement Code and/or university purchasing policies and procedures.

Substance Abuse

Inappropriate behavior related to substance abuse includes:

  1. consuming alcoholic beverages or being under the influence of alcoholic beverages while on duty
  2. unlawfully manufacturing, selling, possessing, distributing, dispensing, using, or purchasing a controlled substance
  3. unlawfully conspiring, negotiating, or arranging to purchase, sell, possess, distribute, dispense, or use a controlled substance


  4. being under the influence of a controlled substance not authorized by a physician.
    Note: Employees must notify their immediate supervisors and the Office of the General Counsel within five days of receiving any criminal drug conviction resulting from a drug violation in the workplace.

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For further information, see:

  1. SPP 315, “Drug-Free Workplace Requirements”
  2. SPP 316, “‘Whistle-Blowing’ and Personnel Actions”
  3. SPP 808, “Performance Management for University Staff”
  4. SPP 809, “Discipline”
  5. SPP 812, “Misuse of University Assets”


  6. SPP 814, “Violence in the Workplace.”

See also the Academic Affairs Policies and Procedures Manual:

  1. ACD 401, “Nondiscrimination, Anti-Harassment, and Nonretaliation”


  2. ACD 402, “Romantic or Sexual Relationships Between Faculty Members and Students.”

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