Staff Personnel Manual (SPP)

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Effective: 10/30/1987

Revised: 7/1/2013

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SPP 311: Participation on University-Sponsored Committees

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To define policy for employee participation on university-sponsored committees

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University policy

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All regular classified employees, university staff, and non-faculty administrators

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The university’s primary function is to serve our customers, whether they are students, faculty, employees, or the public. In the effort to meet customer needs, the university recognizes the need for, and value of, employee participation on various university-sponsored committees, task forces, and boards. Committees are listed in the ASU Roster of Boards. Employees are encouraged to expand their service to the university community by active participation in these activities. Supervisors are encouraged to identify options that will accommodate and encourage employee participation in university-sponsored programs, committees, and related activities, while continuing to provide effective customer support.

Employees are expected to perform their normal job duties while serving on or attending meetings for university-sponsored committees. However, in light of the university’s desire to have university staff actively participate in the activities of the University Staff Council, its committees, and other university committees, university staff appointed or elected to serve on the University Staff Council, its committees, or any university committee should work with his or her supervisor to identify time to perform the duties associated with such appointment or election.

Elected Positions

When nominations for committees are solicited, an approximation of monthly commitment in terms of hours must be provided by the committee. Before nominations go to ballot, each candidate will meet with his or her supervisor and discuss anticipated requirements and ways to assure that work responsibilities and committee involvement would not unreasonably conflict.

Appointed Positions

Each university board and task force is encouraged to develop a charter, which includes estimated time requirements for members and participants. Employees will contact supervisors before accepting board or task force assignments to ensure that the supervisor can release the employee for service.

Nonelected, Nonappointed Employees

Nonmember employees who wish to attend committee meetings may request release time from their supervisors. Supervisors may approve or disapprove the request based on the needs of the university.

Nonexempt Employees

Nonexempt employees who, as appointed official members, are required to attend meetings of university-sponsored committees and boards outside of their scheduled work hours shall receive standard compensatory time for time spent at university-sponsored committee meetings. Nonexempt employees who seek committee and board membership by running for election or by volunteering to serve are voluntary members and thus will not receive compensatory time.

If any employee believes he or she is wrongfully being denied release time to attend university-sponsored committee meetings, he or she is encouraged to contact the Office of Human Resources or an ombudsperson.

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For information on overtime, see SPP 404–04, “Overtime—General Policy.”

For information on faculty and academic professional participation on assigned committees, see the Academic Affairs Policies and Procedures Manual—ACD 302, “Committees.”

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