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SDA 602: Rules Violation Reporting

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To define reporting obligations relating to potential violations of NCAA and Pac-12 legislation for Sun Devil Athletics staff members and other representatives.

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National Collegiate Athletic Association
Sun Devil Athletics

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All covered individuals, which includes full- and part-time SDA staff members, including volunteer and student (undergraduate and graduate) workers, and non-SDA Arizona State University faculty and staff members who have substantial and regular athletics related interactions with SDA coaches, student-athletes, prospects, or other SDA staff (e.g., ASU's compliance, sport medicine, and athletics fundraising staffs).

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Obligation to Report

Covered individuals will report their knowledge of any potential violation of NCAA or Pac-12 legislation to the Compliance Office.  This obligation extends to potential violations of bylaws proscribing specific activities as well as those that simply require ASU to follow its own institutional policies (e.g., drug testing and academic policies.) 

Timeliness of Report

Reports of potential violations will be made promptly.

Individual Obligation

It is each covered individual’s responsibility to report potential violations directly to the Compliance Office.  No team, department, or other group of individuals may assign reporting obligations or require that any individual within the group be informed before the Compliance Office is notified.

Content of Report

Covered individuals will provide complete and truthful information when reporting potential violations to the Compliance Office.

Duty to Cooperate

Covered individuals will fully cooperate with the Compliance Office during the course of inquiries relating to potential rules violations, which includes, among other things, providing complete and accurate information, promptly responding to Compliance Office questions or requests for information, and adhering to Compliance Office directives (e.g., refraining from speaking with others regarding an ongoing inquiry.)

Methods of Reporting

Absent a contractual obligation or request by the Compliance Office or Vice President for University Athletics to report violations in a specific way, potential violations may be reported to the Compliance Office verbally or in writing.

Inquiry Scope

The Compliance Office, in consultation with the Office of General Counsel, has full discretion to define the scope of all inquiries regarding potential violations, including the determination or the need to seek a determination from the Pac-12 and/or NCAA as to whether a violation occurred.

NCAA/Conference Notification

The Compliance Office will notify the Pac-12 (for Level IV violations) or the NCAA (for Levels I through III violations) if it determines or receives a determination that a violation occurred.


The Compliance Office in consultation with the Office of General Counsel and the Vice President for University Athletics will make the decision regarding whether to appeal a finding or determination that a violation occurred. Such decisions are final and not reviewable by any other person or entity.

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