Sun Devil Athletics Manual (SDA)

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Effective: 10/24/1994

Revised: 11/1/2019

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SDA 501: Student-Athlete Grievances

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To allow recourse for a student-athlete who has a complaint or grievance

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Sun Devil Athletics

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The goal of Sun Devil Athletics (SDA) is that all student-athletes are treated fairly, and believe that they have been treated fairly, with respect to all aspects of their student-athlete experience at ASU. To this end, student-athletes have available to them a number of policies and procedures through which they may file an appeal or a grievance in those circumstances they believe such actions are warranted. A brief overview of these options is provided below. A student-athlete who is unsure about which of these policies or procedures should be followed is invited to discuss the matter with his or her head coach. Other sources of advice include the senior associate athletic director, the faculty athletics representative, and the director of athletics. It should be emphasized that, in addition to any SDA policies and procedures, student-athletes always have available to them the normal university procedures that are available to all students. A student-athlete who wishes to obtain more information about these normal university services should contact the Office of the Deputy Vice President/University Dean of Student Affairs.

Availability of Outside Assistance

The policies and procedures described herein are designed primarily for the resolution of issues raised by student-athletes within SDA, although in some cases appeals to groups outside of SDA also are specified as part of the grievance procedures. It should be emphasized, however, that for any issue and at any stage in the grievance/appeals processes summarized herein, a student-athlete may contact the faculty athletics representative for advice and assistance in seeking an appeal or in the resolution of a grievance. Further, at the request of the student-athlete, the faculty athletics representative may participate in any meeting involving the sport administrator or the director of athletics. The faculty athletics representative is not an employee of SDA and reports directly to the Office of the President.


This grievance procedure is printed in the Student-Athlete Handbook and is reviewed at each team eligibility meeting at the beginning of each academic year.

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Reduction/Cancellation/Nonrenewal of Athletics Aid

For information on policies and procedures, please see SDA 108 , "Reduction/Cancellation/Nonrenewal of Athletics Aid"

Transfer Related Requests

For information on policies and procedures please see, SDA 107 , "Tranfer Related Requests"

Sexual Harassment

SDA does not have a separate or supplemental policy on sexual harassment. The information below is available to student-athletes, as it is available to all students; however, it is included in the ASU Student-Athlete Handbook.

Reporting forms and information on options may be found at the Sexual Violence Awareness and Response website.

A complaint involving a university employee may be filed with the Office of University Rights and Responsibilities. See ACD 402, “Romantic or Sexual Relationships Between Faculty Members and Students”, for the policy and procedures for filing.

Student-Athlete Code of Conduct

The “Student-Athlete Code of Conduct” is contained in each annual edition of the ASU Student-Athlete Handbook. The policy refers readers to the Eligibility Appeals Committee of the Sun Devil Faculty Athletic Board.

Should a student-athlete choose to grieve the decision of the director of athletics to remove the student-athlete from participation in SDA-provided support activities (e.g., access to the weight room, academic support facilities), practice, or competition, the student-athlete must request a meeting with the director of athletics.

If relief is not granted to the satisfaction of the student-athlete, he or she contacts the faculty athletics representative, who makes the appropriate arrangements for an appeal to the Eligibility Appeals Committee of the Sun Devil Faculty Athletic Board. The eligibility appeals process is found in “Sun Devil Faculty Athletic Board: Statement of Policies and Procedures,” 5.02.

Decisions Made/Actions Taken by Sun Devil Athletics Coaches and/or Staff

A student-athlete may grieve a decision made or actions taken by a head coach or another SDA employee as follows:

  1. Discuss the issue with the head coach or the SDA employee who made the decision or took the action.

If the issue is not resolved:

  1. Request a meeting with the sport administrator and the head coach or SDA employee.

If the issue is still not resolved:

  1. Request a meeting with the director of athletics to be attended also by the head coach or SDA employee and the sport administrator.

The decision of the director of athletics is final.

Ineligibility for Practice or Competition Under Institutional Rules

ASU has established academic requirements that student-athletes must satisfy as a condition of eligibility for both practice and competition. These requirements are in addition to any Pac-12 Conference or NCAA rules.

In the event that a student-athlete is determined by the Office of the Faculty Athletics Representative to be ineligible for practice or competition because of these institutional rules, the student-athlete and the director of athletics:

  1. file an appeal, in writing, to the Office of the Faculty Athletics Representative
    Note: The faculty athletics representative is authorized by the Sun Devil Faculty Athletic Board to waive the practice or ineligibility sanctions at his or her discretion.

If such a waiver is not granted:

  1. request that the faculty athletics representative arrange for an appeal by the student-athlete to the Eligibility Appeals Subcommittee of the Sun Devil Faculty Athletic Board.
    Note: The decision of this subcommittee is final.

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