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Effective: 7/1/1985


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SDA 207: The Sun Devil 4 Life Degree Completion Program

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To provide an opportunity to student-athletes who are outside the traditional 6-year window for receiving post-eligibility aid to complete their degree

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Sun Devil Athletics

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Former student-athletes who received athletic aid when they were enrolled at ASU.

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Sun Devil Athletics offers a degree completion program for former student-athletes who have yet to complete their undergraduate degree and are outside the traditional 6-year window for receiving post-eligibility aid. There are a limited number of opportunities each year and the award is based upon multiple factors including athletic department budget, number of hours remaining to complete a degree, evaluation or purpose statement, and academic profile while a Sun Devil student-athlete.

  1. Any former student-athlete interested in applying for the SD4L Degree Completion Program must first apply for the NCAA Degree Completion grant. Their application will not be reviewed without this step being taken.

  2. The SD4L student must have had athletic aid when he/she was a student-athlete and can only apply for the program after the traditional 6-year window of aid has been expired.

  3. The SD4L student must have at least a 2.00 cumulative GPA and be in good academic standing in the college of his/her major.

  4. The SD4L student must maintain an enrollment of at least 12 hours of courses from his/her DARS per semester, unless fewer hours are needed for graduation. If 15 hours or less are needed for graduation during a fall or spring semester, the SD4L student must take the 15 hours in that semester of aid (unless course sequence prohibits).

  5. SD4L aid will only be awarded on a semester basis. Students not making satisfactory process (course grade must be degree applicable) according to the guideline of the appropriate college will not have their SD4L aid renewed.

  6. SD4L aid is intended to provide undergraduate students with partial financial support necessary to complete their bachelor's degree. Graduate studies cannot be supported by the application of SD4L aid.

  7. SD4L aid will only be provided according to NCAA, Arizona State Board of Regents, and Sun Devil Athletics regulations governing the award of such aid.

  8. SD4L aid will be awarded based on the percentage of the former student-athlete's last semester of aid or the average percentage of all semesters the student-athlete received aid, whichever is greater. The scholarship amount will include tuition and fees only; there will be no aid for cash-in-lieu of books.

  9. Sun Devil Athletics has the right at any time to withdraw financial aid and bill the SD4L student for any and all money that he/she has received (including tuition) if he/she does not attend class and make satisfactory progress toward a baccalaureate degree.   skip navigation bar

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