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SDA 110: Notification of Transfer Policy

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To describe the manner in which a student–athlete who seeks to transfer from ASU will provide the athletics department his or her notification of transfer and to describe ASU’s obligations and options upon receipt of the notification. [horizontal rule]



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Sun Devil Athletics (SDA)

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Athletics coaches and staff, and student-athletes

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  1. Scope — This policy applies to a student–athlete who wants to provide ASU with notice of his or her intent to consider transferring to another institution under NCAA legislation (notification of transfer).  Policies relating to other transfer–related requests (e.g., one–time transfer exception) are set forth in the One-Time and Pac-12 Intra-Conference Transfer Exception Requests policy.

  2. Applicable rules and regulations — Notifications of transfer will be addressed and processed in accordance with NCAA, Pac–12, and ASU rules and regulations.

  3. Manner in which notification is provided — A student–athlete must provide notification of transfer by completing the Notification of Transfer form in the Compliance Office’s compliance software system. 

  4. Form request — A student–athlete will request the Notification of Transfer form by sending an email to the Compliance Office at  Under certain circumstances, the Compliance Office may provide the form to the student–athlete after receiving requests in–person, over the phone, or through other means.

  5. Form completion required — The Compliance Office will only process completed Notification of Transfer forms.  Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Compliance Office, in its sole discretion and under special circumstances, may process requests made through other means.

  6. Timing of the addition to NCAA Transfer Portal — After receiving a completed Notification of Transfer form, the Compliance Office will enter the student-athlete’s information into the NCAA Transfer Portal by the end of the second business day after the Compliance Office receives the completed form.

  7. Cancellation of athletics aid — In accordance with NCAA legislation, a sport program may begin the process of canceling a student–athlete’s athletics financial aid once the student–athlete provides notification of transfer.

  8. Cessation of student–athlete benefits — The student–athlete’s access to sports medicine (e.g., medical, training, and rehabilitative) and academic (e.g., tutoring) services will not cease after receipt of notification of transfer under this policy, but access to or availability of these services may be modified.  SDA may deny or modify access to, or availability of, all other student–athlete benefits after receipt of notification of transfer under this policy.

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