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SDA 106: Athletics Facilities Use

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To define the conditions and limitations relating to rentals or other use of ASU athletics facilities[horizontal rule]



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Sun Devil Athletics (SDA)

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Athletics coaches and staff, and student-athletes

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  1. Scope – This policy applies to all athletics facilities owned, operated, or managed by ASU's department of Sun Devil Athletics (SDA) and establishes responsibilities, priorities, and guidelines for the use of those facilities by members of the university community and external organizations.

  2. Risk Management / Rules Compliance – No event which represents unacceptable risks to the university or its facilities, or activities which in the judgment of SDA may be violations of NCAA or Pac-12 rules and regulations, will be allowed in ASU athletics facilities.

  3. Facility Rates – SDA's department of Athletic Operations & Facilities (AOF) will establish a schedule of rental rates and other charges for the use of ASU athletics facilities, administrative overhead, staffing and equipment, and associated services and will periodically review the rate schedule and update as appropriate.

  4. Expenses and Service Charges – AOF will also charge users of ASU athletics facilities for activity-related expenses including, but not limited to, the costs of materials, upkeep and repair, custodial services and related supplies, police (or security) and parking services, lighting, staffing and equipment services (public address announcer, scoreboard operation, AOF and Compliance staffing, etc.), change, cancellation and rush fees, and other types of assistance as needed.

  5. Final Approval – AOF has the right of final approval for the use of ASU athletics facilities. Submission of a request does not guarantee approval. Further, no user should assume that prior utilization of ASU athletics facilities will guarantee future approval for such use.

  6. Priority of Use / Cancellations – Priorities for the use of ASU athletics facilities will be determined by SDA at its sole discretion. SDA reserves the right to cancel any planned use of an ASU athletics facility at any time due to conflicts with SDA sponsored activities, as well as due to inclement weather or other factors that could compromise the safety of individuals involved in the facility use or the integrity of the requested facility.

  7. Behavior / Prohibited Uses – All individuals associated with the use of an ASU athletics facility, including, but not limited to, renters or other users and their personnel, employees, agents, and other representatives are prohibited from engaging in any activity or conduct that could endanger the safety of others or result in property damage, or any activity that is proscribed under the rules, regulations or policies of the Arizona Board of Regents (ABOR), ASU, or SDA. All ASU athletics facilities will be used in accordance with all applicable ABOR or university policies (including FIN–126), federal, state, and local laws and regulations, and will not be used for the purpose of organizing or carrying out unlawful activities.

  8. Food and Catering – SDA's concessionaire holds the right of first refusal relating to food and beverage catering at all ASU athletics facilities.

  9. Waste Removal – Users of ASU athletics facilities must comply with ASU's Zero Waste policy. The user's failure to comply may result in additional waste removal costs assessed against the user.

  10. Use Agreement – Use of ASU athletics facilities requires the prior execution by the user of a written facilities use agreement or rental agreement in a form approved by university counsel. The agreement will set forth the specific requirements related to the applicable fees and payment responsibilities, cancellation, indemnification and insurance, liability, and all other terms determined by university counsel to be necessary or appropriate.

  11. Insurance – No user will be permitted to use an ASU athletics facility without first providing evidence of levels of liability insurance coverage acceptable to university counsel or the ASU risk director. Such insurance must name the State of Arizona, the Arizona Board of Regents, and Arizona State University as additional insured.

  12. ASU name – AOF's approval of a user's request to use ASU athletics facilities does not confer the right to use the university name, logos, marks, or branding, or to imply university sponsorship, affiliation, connection, or endorsement of a use or event.

  13. Deviation from policy – Any deviation from this policy must be submitted to and approved by AOF, and, if NCAA rules and regulations are involved, SDA's Compliance Office.

  14. Monitoring – Depending on risk factors relating to the use and the user, AOF and/or Compliance Office personnel may visit the athletics facilities, before, during, and/or after the use to determine if user is following all Pac-12, NCAA, ABOR, and ASU rules and regulations.

  15. Form – The Facilities Request Form must be completed and submitted.


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