Sun Devil Athletics Manual (SDA)

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Effective: 7/1/2016

Revised: 7/1/2016

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SDA 1001: Sun Devil Club Mission Statement

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It is the mission of the Sun Devil Club to build a community of members charged with the responsibility and ability to shape the destiny of Sun Devil Athletics through their annual support

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The Sun Devil Club, through dedication, generosity, talent, and effort supports Arizona State University's commitment to excellence in academic and athletic endeavors and operates exclusively for scientific, educational, and charitable purpose to assist the University in achieving its educational purpose. The Club seeks to join the energy and resources of business leaders with goals and objectives of the fine educational institution to benefit the community at large through the development of succeeding generations. The pursuit of knowledge and recreation enhances the quality of life for all people; excellence in these pursuits enhance rewards.

Gifts made through cash payments, matching gifts, appreciated securities, real estate, gift-in-kind, bonds, or trust to the Sun Devil Club's Annual Fund, Athletic Endowment Program or Capital Facilities Campaigns are used to increase the opportunity of success for Sun Devil student-athletes and its respective programs both academically and competitively.

Benefits are awarded to Sun Devil Athletics investors who are committed to the success of the program through a priority point system which maintains a fair, equitable and consistent process. Benefits include, but are not limited to, priority parking and seating at Sun Devil football and basketball home games, exclusive pre-game hospitalities, not available to the public single game seating, post-season seating priority, special recognition and access. The most important benefit obtained through the tax-deductible financial support of Sun Devil Athletics comes from donor's philanthropic support of student-athletes who will be forever indebted to the donor for providing for their educational and personal development.

As the primary purpose of the Sun Devil Club and its staff is to provide financial support for student-athlete opportunity, it also strives to relay the voice of Sun Devil fans across the state of Arizona and the entire nation to the Sun Devil athletic administration, coaches, and student-athletes.

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