Research and Sponsored Projects Manual (RSP)

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Effective: 8/2/1978


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RSP 510–02: External Audits and Programmatic Reviews

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Coordination of audits and programmatic reviews on sponsored projects

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United States. Office of Management and Budget. OMB Circular A-133, Audits of States, Local Governments, and Non-Profit Organizations

Office of Knowledge Enterprise Development

Office for Research and Sponsored Projects Administration (ORSPA)

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It is the policy of ASU to cooperate with auditors, investigators, and other agency representatives conducting fiscal or programmatic reviews of externally funded projects to the maximum extent possible.

The Office of Knowledge Enterprise Development is responsible for monitoring all sponsored project audits. Research Operations is charged with coordinating audits and programmatic reviews of sponsored grant and contract programs.

University personnel must refer all requests from external agency representatives to review technical performance, technical reporting, or financial activity on a sponsored grant or contract to the assistant vice president, Research Operations.

The assistant vice president, Research Operations shall appoint a designee to coordinate all audit and review requests.

For more information on how RSP policies are implemented during each phase of a project, see the ORSPA Web site.

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For information about audit policy at ASU, see the Financial Services Manual Policies and Procedures Manual:

  1. FIN 205–01, “Audit Liaison”
  2. FIN 205–02, “Coordination of Audits by Taxing Authorities”
  3. FIN 702, “Scheduled Internal Audits.”

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