Research and Sponsored Projects Manual (RSP)

Effective: 12/2/1985

Revised: 11/1/2021

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RSP 504–05: Sponsored Project Travel and Related Costs (Non-ASU Employees)

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To reimburse travel and/or related expenses of non-ASU employees, e.g., participants, students, consultants, visiting scholars

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Office for Research and Sponsored Projects Administration (ORSPA)
Financial Services

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The expenses associated with a conference or other travel that is funded by a sponsored project are reimbursed according to the sponsor and university regulations.

Special Conditions

Conference or travel awards, especially those requiring international travel, often involve special conditions governing the expenditure of funds. Although the particular sponsor requirements may be more restrictive, generally the following conditions apply:

  1. travel must be identified in the proposal, approved in the award, and directly related to the project scope of work
  2. travel must be on a U.S. flag carrier whenever available (as defined in RSP 504–01, “Sponsored Projects Travel for ASU Employees" )
  3. nonemployee transportation expenses, if allowed, should not exceed the cost of an economy roundtrip fare between the individual’s home or institution and the conference site
  4. transportation expenses are reimbursed only when the nonemployee submits the actual receipts at the end of the travel. If necessary and justified by the principal investigator (PI), ASU may choose to prepay airfare and registration fee costs for nonemployees
  5. actual receipts are required to obtain reimbursement for lodging. However, a per diem rate may be claimed for meals if this meets the sponsor allowability requirements. Lodging may be prepaid by issuing a Requisition if the hotel agrees to charge incidental expenses to each individual. This agreement must be noted in the Requisition
  6. travel expenses for dependents of nonemployees are generally not allowed


  7. the use of charter flights is not encouraged.

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For authoritative references, see RSP 101, “General Research Policy.”

For information about consultant expenses, see RSP 503–03, “Consultants, Guest Lecturers, and Other Professional Services for Sponsored Projects.”

For information about travel authorization, see the Financial Services Policies and Procedures Manual: FIN 501, “ASU Travel Policy.”

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