Purchasing and Business Services Manual (PUR)

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Effective: 1/1/1999

Revised: 8/1/2021

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PUR 211: Vehicles

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To define the responsibility for the purchase and lease of vehicles and the improvement of sustainability of the ASU fleet.

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Arizona Revised Statutes §§ 28–403, –701, –909, –1253, –1441; 38–538; 41–671 et seq., –803; 49–455, –541

Arizona Administrative Code R2–10–101 et seq.

University policy

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ASU desires to acquire and operate vehicles that have the least impact upon the environment. All requisitions for the purchase or lease of vehicles must be reviewed and approved by the FDM Fleet Manager.

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Vehicle Procurement Requirements

Departments wishing to procure vehicles for departmental needs must begin the process with ASU's Fleet Manager. Vehicles include Neighborhood Electric Vehicles (NEV), Low Speed Vehicles (LSV), automobiles, trucks and any other travel or work vehicle necessary for ASU business. The Fleet Manager acts as the university's vehicle fleet agent and is aware of state and federal vehicle procurement requirements for governmental agencies. The Fleet Manager is in the best position to assist in selecting a vehicle that can best meet the requirements of the law and the requesting department, as well as any state or ASU-specific pricing. The Fleet Manager will assist requesting departments to prepare a Vehicle Specification Work Sheet to identify the best vehicle for departmental needs. The completed and approved worksheet must be attached to the purchase requisition when submitted to Purchasing.

Vehicle requirements, restrictions, and recommendations include, but are not limited to:

  • Departments are required to work with the ASU Fleet Manager to evaluate vehicle options
  • Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs), which include electric Low Speed Vehicles (LSVs) and Neighborhood Electric Vehicles (NEVs), are required unless no BEV model is available that fulfills the functional requirements of the intended use
  • Purchase of any vehicle that is not BEV must be approved by the Fleet Manager and Purchasing and Business Services. Further approval from the Chief Financial Officer will be required during the requisition approval process.
  • Vehicle options, in order of preference (if a BEV is not an option):
    • Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEV)
    • Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEV) with an average fuel economy of over 35 MPG highway
    • An alternative fuel capable vehicle (AFV) as defined under ARS 41-803 with an average fuel economy of over 35 MPG highway
    • A non-compliant fueled vehicle if no AFV is available that meets the functional requirements of the intended use (i.e. heavy equipment, off road, police interceptors)
  • Neighborhood Electric Vehicles (NEV) and Low Speed Vehicles (LSV) must have the following equipment and features to be operated upon public roadways:
    • Headlights, taillights and reflectors
    • Rear view mirrors
    • Windshields with wipers
    • Parking brake
    • Seat belts for all passenger seating positions
    • Minimum speed of 20 mph and a maximum speed of 25 mph

    BEV and PHEV vehicles are authorized to use a Greening Maroon & Gold decal; any other exception from standard markings (as defined in FAC 204, "University Vehicle Policy") requires approval of the executive vice president, treasurer and chief financial officer (CFO).University vehicles are required to be white in color, unless otherwise approved by Purchasing and Business Services.

    • The purchase or rental of 12-and 15-passenger vans is prohibited
    • ASU must comply with AZEPACT statues (ARS 41-803)
    • and

    • The university encourages operators of diesel-powered vehicles to utilize the biodiesel station located at the Material Services Building located at 1711 S. Rural Road, Tempe, AZ 85281

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    Vendor Selection

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    Vendor selection shall be made in accordance with the procurement requirements for the dollar threshold of the purchase.

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