Parking and Transit Services Manual (PTS)

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Effective: 11/15/1990

Revised: 11/1/2014

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PTS 501: Commuter Options Program

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To comply with state law and improve air quality

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Clean Air Act
Arizona Revised Statutes §§ 49–581 to –593
ASU Commuter Options Plan

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In compliance with Arizona law, the university’s commuter options manager conducts an annual survey of employees and students at any ASU site with 50 or more employees/students, writes an annual ASU Trip Reduction Plan based on the survey analysis, and submits the plan to the Maricopa County Travel Reduction Program (TRP) for approval by the Trip Reduction Task Force. The university then implements the approved plan in good faith.

Required Survey Goals

  1. Each group surveyed must meet a 60 percent response rate or the survey must be redone; if the response rate is 61–75 percent, two additional communication measures must be added to the plan.
  2. An annual 10 percent decrease in the single occupancy vehicle (SOV) rate or single occupancy vehicle miles traveled (SOVMT) rate should be achieved annually until the floor of 60 percent is met.

Penalties for Noncompliance

Civil penalties for noncompliance with the TRP mandate are shown in the following chart.


Violation Charge per Day
first $100
second $200
third $300

Nonattainment of goals is not considered a violation if a good faith effort to attain goals has been made and documented. Each element of the plan not sufficiently implemented counts as a separate daily violation until corrected.

ASU Commuter Options Program Services

  1. Provide information to the university community about commuter options:
    1. alternative work schedules
    2. bicycle program/Bike Share Program/bike storage/bicycle registration
    3. mass transit/light rail/Park and Ride
    4. vanpool/carpool/rider matching services
    5. inter-campus shuttles
    6. car sharing
    7. high pollution advisories


    8. Don’t Drive in Five Contest
  1. Provide incentives to participate in the commuter options program.
  2. Provide rideshare matching among university employees/students.
  3. Provide express shuttle service between West campus, Downtown Phoenix campus, and Tempe campus.
  4. Provide express shuttle service between Polytechnic campus and Tempe campus.
  5. Administer the Free Local Area SHuttle (FLASH) bus at Tempe campus in conjunction with the City of Tempe.
  6. Coordinate neighborhood shuttles in conjunction with the City of Tempe.
  7. Administer the ASU U-Pass valid on all Valley Metro buses and light rail.
  8. Administer the Employee Platinum Transit Pass Program.
  9. Provide bicycle racks and parking on all ASU campuses.
  10. Oversee installation of bus shelters
  11. Administer the Car Sharing Program (ZipCar).
  12. Notify the ASU community of all high air pollution advisories.


  13. Utilize social media for communication to the ASU community.
Note: For additional commuter options information, see the PTS Services Web page.


For additional information on transit services, see PTS 601, “Transit Services.”

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