Parking and Transit Services Manual (PTS)

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Effective: 2/10/1956

Revised: 11/1/2021

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PTS 104: Special “A” Permits, Gold Permits, All Access Campus Permits, Multi-Campus Permits, and Vendor Permits

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To accommodate special parking requests and needs

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Parking and Transit Services

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Special “A” Permits

Special “A” Permit holders, approved by the Office of the President or the Office of the Provost of the University, are authorized to park in any university parking lot or structure. Special “A” Permits are not valid for:

  1. visitor lots
  2. meters
  3. reserved stalls
  4. fire lanes (red curb)
  5. stalls for persons with disabilities (blue curb)
  6. ASU service vehicle stalls (green curb)


  7. loading zones (yellow curb—limited to 20 minutes).

The Office of the President pays for these permits.

Emeriti and Retiree Permits (Gold Permits)

The Gold Permit is issued to professors emeriti and selected retired academic professionals. The Office of the Provost of the University approves and pays for emeriti Gold Permits. University retired staff are also eligible to purchase a Gold Permit, which is valid in the following ASU campus locations:

  1. Tempe campus—Fulton Center, Rural Road, Stadium, and Packard Drive South Parking Structures; Lot 3 (Gammage); Lot 59E, 59N, and 59
  2. Downtown campus—NHI Parking Structure and Second Avenue Lot
  3. West campus—South Zone Lots
  4. Polytechnic campus—Green Lots.

All Access Campus Permits

All Access Campus Permits are issued to higher-level administrators who frequently need to visit other areas of campus or another ASU campus to fulfill the duties of their positions. The All Access Campus Permit is a supplemental permit to be sponsored by the department. The department may purchase, subject to availability, the all access portion of their permit. The employee must pay their portion of the permit for the campus that constitutes the employee's primary location assignment.

Multi-Campus Permit

The goal of the “Multi-Campus Parking Permit” program is to provide parking access for ASU staff and faculty who teach or work at multiple ASU campuses. To assist in the process of identifying faculty who require this access, university deans and/or their assigned designees are to notify PTS that they are eligible for Multi Campus parking. The Multi-Campus parking permit is charged the premium access rate.

Vendor Permits

Vendor Permits are sold to companies with annual contracts who frequent the ASU campuses to service equipment or make deliveries.

If access throughout campus is not required nor heavy equipment involved, and depending on height requirements, vendors may apply for parking permits in designated lots, based on availability.

Tempe and Downtown Vendor Permit holders are authorized to park in any ASU campus parking lot or structure.

Vendor Permits purchased at West or Polytechnic campus can park in any lot on that specific campus. They are also valid in Lot 59 on the Tempe campus.

Vendor Permits are not valid for:

  1. visitor lots
  2. reserved stalls
  3. fire lanes (red curb)
  4. stalls for persons with disabilities (blue curb)
  5. ASU service vehicle stalls/annual permits (without PTS approval and display of appropriate credential on the annual permit)(green curb)


  6. loading zones (yellow curb—limited to 20 minutes).

Vendor Golf Cart Permits

Vendors may bring electric golf carts to campus provided they have been properly inspected and permitted by the appropriate ASU departments. Vendors should contact Parking and Transit Services before making arrangements to bring an electric golf cart to any campus.

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For general information on permit sales and vehicle registration, see PTS 101, “Permit Sales and Vehicle Registration.”

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