Parking and Transit Services Manual (PTS)

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PTS 103 Table

The temporarily disabled individual obtains a note, signed by a physician (MD, DO), that specifies:

  1. the condition or type of disability
  2. the estimated recovery period (must specify an ending date not to exceed six weeks)


  3. a statement that DISABLED parking is required (“closer parking” is insufficient grounds)


  4. obtains the following documentation from the Department of Motor Vehicles: a temporary disability placard has been issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles.

The individual requests temporary disabled parking at the Permit Sales Office by:

  1. presenting an ASU ID card (or driver’s license) and a copy of the physician’s note
  2. specifying whether a current, valid ASU permit (access A or B price level) exists

    Note: If an applicant has no current, valid ASU permit (or less than an access A or B price level), a charge will be assessed for the ASU Temporary Disabled Parking Pass.


  3. providing license plate number(s) and vehicle description(s) for the temporary pass.

The Parking Administration Office:

  1. verifies eligibility
  2. completes the ASU Temporary Disabled Parking Pass placard
  3. receives applicable payment (if necessary)
  4. photocopies the placard and the physician’s note for the file


  5. issues the ASU Temporary Disabled Parking Pass placard and written instructions explaining where parking is authorized.

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