Parking and Transit Services Manual (PTS)

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PTS 101 Table

Vehicle owners may register vehicles and purchase permits (with associated gate-access keycard) at the Permit Sales Office, Parking and Transit Services, or online. Owners must furnish an ASU ID card (or driver’s license), a completed parking permit application, and vehicle license plate number(s), and may pay by cash, check, or authorized credit card, or by payroll deduction for qualified faculty and staff.

The Permit Sales Office:

  1. verifies the eligibility and identity of applicants before accepting payment
  2. inputs the data into the parking system


  3. issues a receipt and the ASU parking information material with each permit and gate-access keycard.

Vehicle owners must display the proper permit in registered vehicle(s) in accordance with the ASU Parking Rules and Regulations and ensure that each motor vehicle registered to the parking permit remains in compliance with State of Arizona emissions standards during the entire registration period.

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